Untitled Poem

If you look to the sky
And try to see
Through all of the pain
There is hope for you and me

A hope that might seem distant
But trust that it is there
It is in your heart, your soul
It is everywhere

A hope that is everlasting
That will break through all of your tears
And will lead you to a better tomorrow
And also better years

So please, don't give up my friend
You are loved more than you know
God's light will shine through
And make you glow

*I wrote this for a friend going through a very difficult time. Maybe it will help someone else who is hurting at the moment.*


  1. Sure to help others Colena. Your roots come through the verses. A most welcomed poem and most welcomed blog!

  2. Beautiful poem Colena, like everything that comes from a loving heart. Congratulations!


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