The World Can't Ignore Cuba Forever

This past Saturday in Cuba the Ladies in White ( Las Damas de Blanco) and other dissidents were brutally and viciously attacked and beaten by Castro's Rapid Response Brigades. They were attacked while marching to attend Mass for the feast day of Our Lady of Mercy. Almost the entire world ignored it. The BBC went so far as to lie and said," There was no violence." No violence? Really???? Did they not see the video's of The Ladies in White being beaten?! Did they not see the photos that were taken? 

The BBC and other mainstream media outlets who lie about what happened are no better than the Castro regime. It is a disgrace to human rights and journalism when an international news agency flat out deliberately lies about a Communist government beating, arresting, and attacking women. They have no credibility as a news organization and their journalists should be fired. Part of being a journalist and a news agency is telling the truth to viewers. If they can't even do that, then they should step aside and leave the business. I'm sure there are plenty of people willing to speak the truth about the Cuban regime.

It amazes me how people all over the world continue to ignore the human rights abuses in Cuba. When famine strikes Africa or people are rising up in Egypt and Libya against their governments, the whole world watches and responds. Celebrities and politicians line up and speak out. But when Castro sends people to attack innocent women on their way to Mass the world is silent. The world was silent when innocent Cubans were sent to prison in the Black Spring of 2003. The world was silent when Castro and Che Guevara were executing hundreds of thousands of innocent Cubans who wanted freedom. The world cannot continue to be silent anymore. The people of Cuba need help.

The dissidents in Cuba like Sara Marta Fonseca Quevedo, Dr. Oscar Elia Biscet, Jose Daniel Ferrer Garcia, Eriberto Liranza and Jorge Luis Garcia Perez "Antunez" to name a few, are literally risking their lives everyday for a free Cuba. Their courage and perseverance is inspiring. What the international media does not understand, is that one day Cuba will be free with or without their help. The Castro regime is stepping up the violence against non-violent dissidents. More and more each day regular Cubans are waking up and realizing that freedom is possible and obtainable. Even with threats of imprisonment they are not backing down. Their voices are being heard by all of us who care about Cuba.

No dictatorship can last forever. Hitler fell. Stalin fell. And the Castro's and their supporters will fall too. It is inevitable. There will be a day when Cuban families are not torn apart anymore. There will be a day when Cubans will not have to risk their lives by sailing in the Florida Straights in rafts and being killed by sharks. There will be a day when women can march to Mass and not be attacked and beaten. The people of Cuba will be free. We need to continue to support the dissidents on the island and use our freedom to help them gain theirs. God bless the people of Cuba and their relentless courage.


  1. You make some very valid observations here Colena. Why some news outlets have historically downplayed what’s happening in Cuba is beyond comprehension. I mean, it can’t be because for fear of losing accreditation there, could it? In light of what took place Saturday in Havana and elsewhere in Cuba these last couple of days, I’d like to think not. As for the Castro dictatorship one day coming to an end, George Harrison said it best: “All things must pass”. 53 years is a long time. Fidel Castro’s dictatorship, technically 47 years at the time he turned power over to his brother Raúl, is the longest known in modern times. But as the saying goes: “No one can stand 100 years, nor body that can resist them”.

  2. Indeed!! It has to come to an end soon. Hopefully sooner than later.

  3. Bello lo que escribiste. Salido de tu alma. Se me aguaron los ojos. Es extraordinario como una joven que no tiene raíces cubanas se interesa por nuestro problema y lo hace suyo. Gracias, Cole, muchísimas gracias. Tienes el mismo temple de las Damas de Blanco, esa que defiendes con tanta pasión. Cada día me siento orgulloso de ser tu amigo.

  4. Balse, es un honor de ser tu amigo. Usted me ha enseñado mucho sobre Cuba y su lucha. Un día Cuba será libre, mi amigo. No hay ningún país o cultura que pueda compararse con Cuba. Si no pudiera ser irlandés, entonces yo sería Cubana.


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