Some thoughts on the "Occupy" movement

***Whether you agree with the Occupy movent or not, when peaceful people are getting tear gassed and Westboro baptist isn't, there's something wrong.***
A friend of mine posted this today and I think it speaks volumes. The people of this country are allowed to protest anything we want. Whether right or wrong, pro choice or pro life, war or anti war. And when people who are protesting peacefully get tear gassed by police, not only is it illegal, it is a violation of human rights. The Occupy Wall Street movement for the most part is a peaceful movement. Yes, there has been violence in some cities, my own included when a pregnant woman was punched. I have friends in this movement, just like I also have friends in the Tea Party movement. The Occupy movement has it's flaws, most notably when protesters wave around flags that have have the image of murderer and terrorist Che Guevara on them. I hope that there are people there who are smart enough to know who the real Che was and to pull those people to the side and explain to them that it is hurting the Occupy movement when people don't know what they are talking about and what they are protesting against. There is nothing wrong with protesting against the 1% of this country, which in my opinion, are too rich and get way too many tax breaks while good, hardworking Americans get the hell taxed out of them and struggle to make ends meet. But I am also seeing signs of Socialists trying to turn this movement in their direction and this can't be allowed to happen. Too much is at stake in our country. 
When peaceful protesters of the Occupy movement get tear gassed and yet the Westboro Baptist Church loonies get to picket funerals of dead soldiers without harm, then we have entered a dangerous time for this country. I'm not saying we should use force against the church loonies, but to me it is crazy how we accept people picketing a funeral and yet when people protest big corporations and the top 1%, violence is used against them. Whether you agree with Occupy or not, they are our neighbors, sons, daughters, etc. I see alot of people who support the Tea Party bashing the Occupy movement as a bunch of unemployed homeless people. With all due respect, that is not true. Do not base actions or people in one city as a basis for what the rest of the movement looks like. And to those Tea Partiers who make the homeless remarks, keep in mind that alot of our homeless in this country are veterans who were refused help when they came back from wars. We cannot dehumanize people just because we disagree with them. But I will caution that for the most part, corporate greed is not the problem. The problem is our government. In my opinion that is where the anger must be directed at by both movements. This shouldn't be about right or left. It should be about how big government is out of control with spending and also giving major breaks to corporations who themselves are out of control and can do anything they want without oversight and who always get bailed out by our government when they need help.  
But in any case, I am rambling. Let's not forget that we have rights in this country and we all should use them. Especially Freedom of Speech which is being eroded away day by day. And violence by anyone is wrong. Whether it be by police or protesters.


  1. Dear Colena,

    If this is rambling, please continue. Thank you so much for this post.


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