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Peace. Love. Nonviolence.

This photo was posted by a friend of mine on facebook. I am sharing it here. It is powerful. It was taken during the abrazaton marcha estudiantil en bogota, colombia. This picture message or video message was sent using Multimedia Messaging Service. To play video messages sent to email, Apple� QuickTime� 6.5 or higher is required. Visit to download the free player or upgrade your existing QuickTime Player. Note: During the download process when asked to choose an installation type (Minimum, Recommended or Custom), select Minimum for faster download.


For a long time now alot of my friends have been asking me why I love Cuba so much. They think it is weird that a non-Cuban spends her free time reading Cuban blogs, re-tweeting tweets about Cuba and trying to get other people to care about what is going on there. I think about Cuba everyday. I think about the dissidents there who are struggling to get the world to notice the truth. To notice the real Cuba. To look past the facade that the Castro's have painted to the world about Cuba.

There is no one reason as to why I love Cuba. I love the music. The sounds of salsa and Celia Cruz (my favorite). Hearing Cuban music takes you to another place. Cuban music touches your soul like no other music can. Even if you can't understand Spanish, the music itself will speak to you. You just don't hear it, you feel it. But the main reason why I love Cuba, is her people and their struggle for freedom. The Cuban people, in my opinion, are some of the most passionate people on this plane…

Something to ponder

A friend of mine posted this on facebook today. There is an English version as well but I cannot find the exact page it was on. If you know Spanish, please read it and pass it on.Con un bebe de brazos, una mujer muy asustada llega al consultorio de su ginecólogo y le dice:

Doctor: por favor ayúdeme, tengo un problema muy serio. Mi bebé aún no cumple un año y ya estoy de nuevo embarazada. No quiero tener hijos en tan poco tiempo, prefiero un espacio mayor entre uno y otro.....
El médico le preguntó: Muy bien, ¿qué quiere que yo haga?

Ella respondió: Deseo interrumpir mi embarazo y quiero contar con su ayuda.

El médico se quedó pensando un poco y después de algún tiempo le dice: Creo que tengo un método mejor para solucionar el problema y es menos peligroso para usted.

La mujer sonrió, pensando que el médico aceptaría ayudarla.

Él siguió hablando: Vea señora, para no tener que estar con dos bebés a la vez en tan corto espacio de tiempo, vamos a matar a este niño que está en su…

Cute pic for saturday.

Lucy. A lovely cat when she is sleeping and not trying to claw everything in sight.

Mo bláth an ghrá (My flower of love)

My little poem in Irish. I had some help with Google Translate as I am not fluent in Irish. The translation has flaws but it's as close as I can get it. Working on some poems in Spanish (which I know alot more of than Irish and don't have to use a translation site for).

Mo bláth an ghrá
Mar sin neamhchiontach, milis mar sin
Mar sin, íon
Fada mé chun tú a shealbhú dom le do peitil
Wrap thart ar mo chroí
Agus riamh dul in iúl
Bádh mé i do bholadh
Is mise mo chroí
a ghlacadh
a shealbhú
Chun seo a dhéanamh ar fad arís
Mo bláth milis na hÉireann
Póg dom an ghrian
Taispeáin dom grá fíor-
An grá fada do dom i mo chroí
Ag labhairt di ar an doimhneacht m'anam
Mo bláth álainn
Mo bláth an ghrá

A New Year Is Fast Upon Us.

This year has went by fast and only 2 months to go until 2012 now. I think this has been a hard and trying year for everyone. It has been a year of uprisings in countries all over the world whose people are oppressed and want freedom. It has been a year full of drama in the world and wars. But it has also been a year of hope. I feel that in 2012 we will hopefully be able to see a free Cuba. And a free Iran. And Tibet. And North Korea. It has been a year of change and I see it going into next year as well.

For personal reasons, I used to call the last quarter of the year The Season of Death, as most of my closest family members have died right after Thanksgiving, with the death of my sister and on to right after New Years, with the death of my father. All were years ago. But the holidays have never been filled with joy. Times may be hard but this year it is different. This year I feel the sadness is gone. And it should be gone for all of us. No matter what the season brings, it will al…

Ireland and her fight for Freedom

A video from YouTube that I found today. Powerful. Please take the time to watch it. The violence must stop. Ireland became an independent country through diplomatic means, not violence. Centuries of violence did nothing but tear families apart. Today, in Northern Ireland, violence is still alive and well and it is a shame things are like this. Northern Ireland will be a part of Ireland one day, but it will never be through violence. Violence solves nothing. God bless the people of Ireland and may all of the people who have died for her freedom rest in peace.