A New Year Is Fast Upon Us.

This year has went by fast and only 2 months to go until 2012 now. I think this has been a hard and trying year for everyone. It has been a year of uprisings in countries all over the world whose people are oppressed and want freedom. It has been a year full of drama in the world and wars. But it has also been a year of hope. I feel that in 2012 we will hopefully be able to see a free Cuba. And a free Iran. And Tibet. And North Korea. It has been a year of change and I see it going into next year as well.

For personal reasons, I used to call the last quarter of the year The Season of Death, as most of my closest family members have died right after Thanksgiving, with the death of my sister and on to right after New Years, with the death of my father. All were years ago. But the holidays have never been filled with joy. Times may be hard but this year it is different. This year I feel the sadness is gone. And it should be gone for all of us. No matter what the season brings, it will always get better. A new year, a new beginning, is around the corner.

Christmas and Thanksgiving are a time to reflect on what really is important. God and family. Life. Friends. Lots of people around the world will be celebrating the holidays under oppressive regimes. Some will be celebrating in silence out of fear of their own Government. With this new year coming upon us fast, i ask everyone to pray for the freedom of people all around the world. That 2012 bring positive changes to our world. We need more happiness and love. We need more freedom. We need more of God in everyone. I am staying positive for this new year. No more negativity in this season. That is done with.

I wish everyone a joyous and love-filled season. And please remember to help people in need. In a small way or big way, it doesn't matter. Just as long as you help. Smile at someone. Check up on someone. Be a friend.  Peace be with you all.


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