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My new years wish: a free cuba

2011 is ending and now we will be begining a new year. New possibilities. New beginings. But for the people of cuba, they will be spending the start of the new year in oppression. Dissidents will still continue to be beaten and imprisoned and threatened. Mothers will continue to search all day for food just to provide their family with one meal a day. The cuban dictatorship has not lessened their oppresion. It has gotten worse. And will continue to as long as countries around the world choose to ignore the cuban governments abuses on its own people. This coming year, we must do whatever we can to help the dissidents in cuba. Write letters to your congressmen and senators and governors. Share links on facebook and twitter to your friends who might not know what is going on in cuba. Tell as many people as you can about the struggle for freedom in cuba. No dictatorship lasts forever. Cuba
will be free. Her freedom will bloom like a beautiful flower. That is my wish for 2012. cuba libre!!…

All Together For A Free Cuba (english)

This is my translation of the post below. //// "You have conservative ideas? I'm not interested. You have radical ideas? I'm not interested. You have socialist ideas? I'm not interested. Do you agree that there should be freedom of expression, freedom of political association, multiple parties, free press in cuba? If yes, i am on your side. The rest at the moment, i'm not interested.when we have a democratic government in cuba, we will be best political enemies, now, now you are my ally." - Ariel Romero. I believe Ariel speaks volumes with this. Cuba cannot be free until cubans come together and fight the dictatorship together. It doesn't matter whether you are liberal, conservative, etc. If you are against the castro's and want a free cuba, then fighting together gives you more power over the dictatorship. Viva Cuba Libre!!!!!!

All Together For A Free Cuba

A dear friend of mine posted a status on fb yesterday. I am writing it here because i think it is amazing. ///// tienes ideas conservadoras? No me interesa. Tienes ideas radicales? No me interesa. Tienes ideas socialistas? No me interesa. Estas de acuerdo con que haya libertad de expresion, libertad de asociacion politica, pluripartidismo, prensa libre en cuba? Si contestas que si, estoy en tu bando. Lo demas en estos momentos, no me interesa. Cuando tengamos un gobierno democratico en cuba, a lo mejor somos enemigos politicos, ahora no, ahora eres mi aliado. ////// i think this quote speaks volumes about fighting for a free cuba. Cubans from all backgrounds and ideas must come and fight together. It is the only way cuba will be free.

Merry Christmas everyone.

I am not doing alot of blogging because so much is going on right now. Needless to say, this season is not going how I wanted it to. For the first time in my life, I will not be spending Christmas eve with my immediate family. I will not have a repeat of thanksgiving. I have come to the realization that my "family" is no longer a family. They have chosen not to be a family through their words and actions. So this year I am directing my love and attention to our Lord. After all, we celebrate Christmas (his birth). Without Jesus there would be no Christmas. I will also be attending my first Christmas eve mass. I was raised without Jesus and I can honestly say that if I never found him, i would be literally dead right now. These days are a struggle. But with our Lord, we can overcome anything. He loves us unconditionally. I want to wish all of my friends a very blessed Christmas. You all
have no idea how much you mean to me. God bless each and every one of you. Merry Christmas.…

Save me (free verse poem)

(photo taken from internet) i was reading a site that is very dear to me. It deals with suicide awareness and prevention. It is . I remember my own struggles with this so i wrote a poem for anyone who is struggling. Crying out to god helped alot. So here is the poem. Hope it helps someone.////// god, save me please. Save me from what i've become. Save me from how i think. Save me from how i act. Save my soul. Save my heart. Save my mind. Save me from hurting myself. Save me from attempting suicide. Save me from myself. Love me, cause i've never felt it. Teach me. Save me from lies. Save me from hurt. Save me from my pain. I need your help, god. I need to feel you here, beside me. To dry my tears. To comfort me. To ease my lonliness and despair. Please god, save me. Show me your way. Save me.This picture message or video message was sent using Multimedia Messaging Service. To play video messages sent to email, Apple� QuickTime� 6.5 or higher is requ…

Need help on this

Does anyone out there know what this patch means? I bought it years ago at a flea market and was told that it might be a military patch. But i am not sure. Any help would be appreciated.