Save me (free verse poem)

(photo taken from internet) i was reading a site that is very dear to me. It deals with suicide awareness and prevention. It is . I remember my own struggles with this so i wrote a poem for anyone who is struggling. Crying out to god helped alot. So here is the poem. Hope it helps someone.////// god, save me please. Save me from what i've become. Save me from how i think. Save me from how i act. Save my soul. Save my heart. Save my mind. Save me from hurting myself. Save me from attempting suicide. Save me from myself. Love me, cause i've never felt it. Teach me. Save me from lies. Save me from hurt. Save me from my pain. I need your help, god. I need to feel you here, beside me. To dry my tears. To comfort me. To ease my lonliness and despair. Please god, save me. Show me your way. Save me.

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