Alophoto taken from internet. t of things have been on m mind lately. Faith being one of them. Catholic faith. I was baptized catholic at 4 after my father died. i guess back then they had a thing called 'limbo' and that is why i was baptized. I wasn't raised in the church at all. I was raised with no religion. I have found my way back to the same church i was baptized into. but it is also humiliating to have to take classes to be confirmed. It is humiliating to have to learn the bible at 25 years old. There are children who know way more than i do. I struggle with doubt alot. Alot of the time i don't feel god around me. I feel like a failure. Sometimes i feel that god hates me. I feel empty. And it hurts. I guess this is all normal feelings to have in the journey of faith but i don't want these feelings anymore. I want to feel god near me. With me. This keeps me up most days. Like
today.i want peace inside of me. No more sadness anssray that god hears all of our prayers for peace.

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  1. Nothing humiliating of course, in trying to better connect with your faith Colena. Don’t think because a person can recite, quote, is better at being a Catholic, or whatever faith they purport to profess. The God in Catholicism I know is a loving God. Our Lord always loves you. As for having doubts… Welcome to my world. Naturally one has doubts about all this we call life, what’s it about, the purpose… You know… ¿Qué bolá? It’s all too overwhelming for us and it’s become obvious to me we’re not here to understand it all. More like, we’re here to be a part of it all. In the end, know you’re not alone.


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