I have an invasion of horse flies in my apartment. Well, it's more like an infestation. Seriously. I had a rat that died inside of my walls and i am guessing these little bastards have nested in the walls while feasting on the rat. It got to the point where last week i had about 80 of them in my kitchen flying over my light. The only way i can control them is by spraying them. And that is only the ones that i can see. I am guessing the ones in the wall are going to keep having babies. The worst part is i am going to have company tomorrow morning and now have to make it look presentable and apologize over and over for the state of my apartment. Even though i live with my mother, she doesn't help at all and honestly doesn't care. I would rather deal with the rats than these flies. They are horrible. I feel like a failure. All i can do is pray that they will go away. And fast.

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