My favorite place

The photo above is bloede's dam. It is in patapsco valley state park, maryland. I love to go here often in the spring and summer. It was the worlds first underwater hydroelectricdam. Most of it was damaged by hurricane agnes years ago and it was later gutted. On the left there is a fish ladder for fish to swim upstream. In order to get to the dam you have to walk a mile on the trail along the patapsco river. There are always ducks around with their babies, which is a lovely sight to see. All you hear there is the water. The sound of the river flowing. Of course that is in the morning before everyone starts to roll in and have their parties for the summer. for some reason, i feel closer to god in that park. I feel at peace there. Just me and nature. It is a wonderful feeling. I can't wait until spring so i can start going back and hike all the trails. (i have realized that my mobile
isin't letting me capitalize certain things. My grammar is good, it's just the mobile phone messing up).


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