Willman Mendoza r. I. P.

Last night wilman villar mendoza died from more than 50 days of being on a hunger strike. He died fighting for the freedom of his country. He died a hero. He left behind 2 daughters, 5 and 6, and a wife. The castro regime is fully responsible for his death. I have seen other bloggers say that we all could have done more. That we failed wilman. And i agree. I am so pissed that he died. How many more cubans have to die before the international media pays attention? How many more? They turned a blind eye to him and the dissidents. Enough is enough. I hope and pray that no one else dies. I hope and pray that this will be the last year of the castro regime in power. The people of cuba need freedom. Now. And they need our support to accomplish that. Please spread the word about mendoza. Let his memory live on. Fight for freedom in his memory. pray, tell your friends and family, write letters
to your elected officials. Do something to help the dissidents in cuba. pray for his family. Please.


  1. Cuba cannot continue like this. These deaths have become too common. Thank you Colena for continually raising awareness. Wilman Villar Mendoza R.I.P.


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