Wilman villar mendoza

Right now, inside of a cuban prison hospital, cuban prisoner of conscience wilman villar mendoza is in a coma fighting for his life. He has been on a hunger strike since november. if he dies, the castro regime is fuwill bey responsible for it. The dissidents in cubpolitical prisonersd with no choice but to resort to hunger strikes. In 2010 cuban prisoner of conscience orlando zapata tamayo died on a hunger strike. This is the reality if c oa. Everyday, political prisoners, as well as those who are not in prison, are beaten, threatened and detained for simply wanting a free country where they will not be imprisoned forexpressing differe pay attention to him and to the people of cuba who are fighting for freedom. Pray for him, please. Pray that he will come out of the coma and survive. Pray for all of the dissidents in cuba. Pray. Spread the word. Do something to tell peoples about him.
His life is in danger, he needs our help and support. He ise iheraageous man. We need him tosurvive.

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