Human rights

Human rights is a universal right. It should be a right for everyone. But sadly, it is not. There are many regimes around the world who abuse their people and take away or just flat out deny them of their basic human rights. Cuba, Iran, North Korea, China and Burma to name just a few. Everyones eyes are on the Middle East but the media continues to ignore human rights abuses in Cuba. Female dissidents being sexually harrassed and abused by government thugs. Dissidents being arrested on their way to Sunday Mass. They are beaten, threatened and abused by the regime on a daily basis and the world ignores it. In Tibet, monks are self-immolating (setting themselves on fire) to try to make the world pay attention to the illegal occupation in their country by the Chinese communist government. The Chinese government, just like the Cuban regime, harrasses and threatens and beats dissidents in Tibet on a daily basis. And again, the media ignores it. If you ask yourself, 'Why should I care?', let me give you two good reasons why. First, what if you were under oppression? What if your government took away all your rights to anything and everything? You would ask and plead to the outside world for help. But what if they don't listen? How would you feel if no one listened for your people's cry for help in your country? Secondly, compassion and empathy are on a rapid decline all over the world. Those who practice and live by both, have much more intelligence and hope and perseverance than others who look the other way and don't give a damn. When people see that you are trying to make a difference, then they too will believe that they can make a difference to help a country and it's people be free. Here in the United States, we take everything for granted. Most of all, our human rights. I fear the day when our rights are gone and people are scratching their heads wondering how it all happened. I hope that day comes long after my time here is done. In the meantime, we need to use our rights to help other to gain there's. We can be voices for people who have no voice who live under oppression. We can tell their stories. Even if it is one person at a time, it still matters. Because that is one less person who is ignorant to the human rights abuses around the world. Human rights is not a joke. Human rights all over the world is under attack. We must pay attention and act before it is too late. Just a thought for this rainy day. Peace be with you all.


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