Andrew Breitbart R.I.P.

The world of politics and journalism lost a dear soul the other day. Andrew Breitbart was a conservative journalist and writer who stood up against the extreme Left and exposed their propaganda and hatred for everyone. He exposed the truth when other media outlets wouldn't even dare to. And sadly, the Leftists are now exposing their true selves in the wake of his death. They are smearing his name, talking trash and literally rejoicing. It is disgusting. They have no shame nor guilt. But if they think that people are going to stop exposing them for who they really are, they are very wrong. Breitbart inspired thousands, if not millions, to speak up and stand up for the truth and to expose the Left. From what I have read about him, he was once on the side of the Left, like myself, and knows all too well the lies that they feed to people. As someone who wants to be a journalist, he is an inspiration. He is the epitomy of an excellent and true, passionate journalist. He had no fear. And never cared if he made enemies. I pray for his family. We might have lost a great conservative, but his family has lost a husband and a father. That is way more horrible and heartbreaking. His legacy will live on, that is for sure. There needs to be more people like him. Way more. This world would be a much better place with more Andrew Breitbarts. I hope he is at peace. Heaven just gained one hell of a tough angel.


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