Since Sunday, my home has been at the hospital with my mom. She has two very serious health problems. One involves the region of her abdomen and the other is her heart. She needs surgery. Everything the doctors are doing is not working now. They tried to avoid surgery, but it is inevitable now. And they have to make sure her heart will be able to handle it. Her Echo is scheduled for sometime soon. I am helpless. Oddly enough, she is more positive than I. She has not been able to eat nor drink anything at all since Sunday. She is on an IV for fluids. After the surgery, she will be on a liqiud only diet until she can work up to solid foods again so her stomach and digestive system can handle it. I hate seeing her like this. Having a tube down her nose to her stomach sucking out all the waste that is stuck and now there is blood in it. All I can do is pray. I am mad at God right now. I know that is bad to say but I am. My mother and I have our issues but I love her. And she knows I love her. I hope there are no complications with her surgery. In this situation I pray to God and Saints Elmo and John of God. Even though I have people to support me, I feel alone and helpless. Please keep her in your prayers. Pray for everything to go good and work. Peace be with you.


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