Thoughts About Trayvon Martin Case

I have been listening to a lot of the media and news reports for the last week about the murder of Trayvon Martin. My opinion will not be popular, but here goes. This case is not racial. Everyone please stop making this into a race war. Every single night, kids of ALL backgrounds and races are gunned down in all types of situations. If Zimmerman would have yelled out racial slurs against the kid, then it would be racially motivated. But he did not. None of the witnesses say he did. Therefore, it is not a hate crime nor is it racially motivated. We need to stop blaming things on the color of peoples skin. I believe Zimmerman was looking for someone to shoot. The whole point of neighborhood watch is to do just that: watch. If you think something is wrong, then you call the police and let them handle it. When Zimmerman was told not to follow Martin, he ignored that order and ran after him. At that moment, it became intent that he was looking for a fight. And when he shot Martin, it became murder. The difficult part is that the police and investigators need time to sort through all of the stories and evidence. People are impatient, but remember this: would you rather have Zimmerman arrested with weak evidence and him aquitted, or let the police do their jobs and investigate so they can have solid evidence to get a conviction? You can't arrest someone on weak evidence and expect a jury to convict. You need solid evidence in this case. Zimmerman's story is already being questioned, which means his story and his lies are falling apart. The truth is slowly coming out and I believe there will be an arrest, but people have to be patient. But keep in mind one thing about all of this: kids are killed everyday. Every single day. No one marches in the streets for them. No one marches in the streets when our soldiers are killed. People are turning this boys murder into a publicity stunt. People are name-calling and pointing fingers. We as a country, should be better than this. we need to come together and look at the bigger picture here. And that is our obsession with a violent culture. A culture that glorifies murder and violence and yet we get upset when we see murder and violence. We, as a society, are collapsing from within. Trayvon Martin deserves better than this. His memory and his legacy should be used to do good in our society. Him and other kids like him, have been killed for no reason. We must stop this. We must create a culture of non-violence and respect. Respect for our neighbor and respect for ourselves. I hope Zimmerman eventually goes to jail for what he did. And I hope people can stop glorifying violence and murder. I hope people can stop with all the hate talk. Hate accomplishes nothing. This case is a wake up call for us as a country. The violence is out of control. And unless we come together and stand up, it will only get worse. R.I.P. Trayvon and to all of the other kids who are killed everday. They deserve peace and justice.


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