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Sandusky and Justice

I am a little late to the news that former Penn State coach Jerry Sandusky was convicted of 45 of the 48 counts of sexual abuse. I am glad the jury found him guilty. Now mabey the boys he molested can now have some sort of peace within themselves. Or at least move toward peace. I try to stay away from the news when it comes to sex abuse stories. Having been through it myself, seeing it on the news brings up memories that I don't want to deal with or think about. But at least in this case, justice has been served. He won't be able to hurt anyone else ever again. I hope he begs forgiveness from God because he is going to need it. I think the media coverage on this case has dimished the stigma ( only to a certain degree) of survivors of sex abuse. And I try not to follow the path of the media and call them "victims"...... because when you really think about it, we aren't victims. We are survivors. We do our best to overcome what has been done to us. And we also try …

Heat Wave

So, its supossed to be 99 today with a heat index of 105............this is about the time where I start thinking of my little island on a beach with white sand and palm trees and sky blue water. And VERY little humidity. I think if the humidity here in Baltimore wasn't so bad then I could tolerate the heat. But with respiratory issues, allergies, and a deviated septum, I feel like I am suffocating with this heat wave. Riding the bus is the only relief I get. Lol. All of them are air conditioned. I pray that no one dies from this heat. There are many homeless in Baltimore who do not have a place to go. Temporary shelters with air conditioning are open. Let's hope this summer is not as bad as we think it will be. As a native Floridian, I can honestly say I do miss hurricanes. Lol. Crazy, I know. Maybe we will have one up here this year? :-) lol. Wishful thinking on my part. I hope everyone stays safe out there. Take care and God bless.

Trying to make it through

This year has not gone the way I hoped it would be. In March, with my mothers surgery and heart issues, and now with me having nearly 3 infections at once, and also now to learn that my mother has a tumor that they found. Good news is that it wasn't there when she had the surgery, which means it hasent been there for long. Which makes it a lot easier to treat her if it is cancer because it hasent spread anywhere. They will biopsy it and go from there. I honestly don't know what to do. Don't know who or where to turn to for help. Emotionally, I am in a horrible state, as I always am when I am this sick. But to learn my mom might have cancer is too much for me to handle. Going to church today is out of the question as I am still highly contagious so hopefully by Thursday afternoon or Friday I will go and talk to someone. Tonsilitis, ear infection and possible strep throat are nothing to play with and the last thing I want is for anyone else to have this. I hope and pray this…