We are Americans,
You and I.
The land we are sharing
With its clear and friendly sky
Is a gift from God
For you and I.
Though times have been changing,
Nothing's the same.
The freedom is here
And shall always remain.
The clouds appear
But move on in the sky.
We are Americans,
You and I.

~ Nonna L. Bannister, October 1989

Nonna L. Bannister was an author (posthumously) of a book entitled, The Secret Holocaust Diaries. She was the sole survivor of her entire family. Part of her family were killed in Russia during the Stalinist regime, and part were killed by Hitler and his Gestapo. Her mother died in a concentration camp days before it was liberated. Nonna was hidden in a hospital by Catholic nuns to save her from the same fate as her mother. She emigrated to the U.S. and married and had children. She was married for 53 yrs and 53 days when she died in 2004. Her book is compiled by notes, diaries and documents and photos she saved and hid. She wrote her diaries in over 6 languages and translated all of them before she died. She was originally from Russia. I suggest her book to everyone. Heartbreaking, yet full of courage and hope. She was a hero.


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