Random Thoughts

1. The U.N. Human Rights Council should be disbanded immediately. They are an insult to everyone who lives under tyranny and oppression. There is no reason why Cuba and other oppressers and dictatorships should be
on that council.

2. I cannot stand people who take their bullshit and anger out on others. It gets very exhausting being a punching bag. Especially when its coming from a family member.

3. Never trust men. Ever. All the good ones are either gay, married or dead.

4. Wouldn't it be funny if the world was a huge snowglobe and some kid was playing with it and fucking everything up? (I know, I'm a nerd).

5. I was serenaded last week by a customer with a guitar. He also prayed with me for my health. He is an awesome man.

6. Sometimes I think that love will never find me. Pure love, that is. But being alone my whole life is a terrifying thought. And I wonder a lot why am I never good enough for men.

7. Strep throat sucks. Big time. And a hospital that repeatedly misdiagnoses you, sucks even worse.

8. One day I hope to visit Cuba and even live there when she is free. And also live for awhile in Costa Rica and Ireland.

9. Has realized that the more sun I get, the darker my freckles on my arms get. And sunburn sucks. Lol.

10. Wants all my friends to know that you all are always in my prayers.

11. I need sleep.

12. I also need to get offline and actually try to get some sleep.

13. Have a blessed Wednesday. Peace be with you all. God bless. Xoxoxox


  1. One of the best posts here. Yes, this is more like it!


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