R.I.P. Oswaldo Paya.

I was shocked and saddened to learn the murder of Cuban dissident leader Oswaldo Paya. I keep on thinking its a dream and ill wake up. he was a founder and leader of the Cristian Liberation Movement. He fighted for a free Cuba. And now, the Cuban regime has murdered him. How many more have to die before the world pays attention? How many more? I feel aweful for his family and friends. And brothers in the fight for Cuban freedom. I can't imagine the pain they feel. I am sick of people not caring about Cuba. They say it doesn't affect them. Well I say, yes it does. Cuba is 90 miles from us, and a sponser of terrorism. So, yes, what happens in Cuba, should matter to us a lot. The Cuban regime are killing dissidents. They are killing those who are the only hope for a free Cuba. They are killing those who have the most powerful voices to the world. It pisses me off. And it should piss everyone off. Its not right. Its not right that the Cuban people suffer for so long and the world doesn't do shit for them. Oswaldo Paya was a hero. And now he is with Orlando Zapata and Laura Pollan. And I am sure they are still fighting for a free Cuba up there. And to all of those who don't give a shit or who simply don't care, make no mistake about it, Cuba will be free. With or without the worlds help. You choose which side you want to be on. I know in my heart, as many other people do, that Cuba will be a free country and will be beautiful like she once was. And her people will be able to live in peace, without fear. And it will be people like Paya who will acheive that. And we have to support them any way we can. I pray for Paya and his family. Please light a candle and say a prayer for them. Please pray for all the people in Cuba. They need it desperately now. No mas violencia. No mas.


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