Thursday, August 9, 2012

An Early Birthday Present

I live in a house with multiple tenants, including children. One of the women has twin girls, 8 yrs old. They heard it was my birthday tomorrow and when I went up to the steps of the basement, I found a hand-made card wishing me a Happy Birthday. They spelled my name wrong. Lol. Spelling it as "Clena". But I didn't mind. I loved it. Children are so sweet. They are the only ones in this world that have so much love in their hearts that we can't even begin to understand. In my opinion, having someone give me a little hand made card is so much better than something materialistic. Because it came from the heart. And that's what matters most. I'm happy. I'm happy because I have people around me that love me, even if at times I can't see it. My best friend and I have known each other since we were 11. We never thought we would survive until 18....and now we both are turning 26 this month. Time flies by so fast. But I'm thankful I made it this long.

UPDATE: Now the boys in the house, ages 3 and 6, also made me cards and just gave them to me. :D One says, "I like you." I love them so much!!!!!!

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