Thursday, August 2, 2012

Punk Band on Trial in Russia

Watch "Russian punk rock band on trial" on YouTube Everyone please watch this video and spread the word. We need these women to be freed immediately. The Pussy Riot members have been jailed for political reasons. And I loved what they said. "Virgen Mary, drive Putin away." These women have balls. Big balls to go up against a Communist regime and its President. We must stand behind them and support them to be freed.

And let me say one thing. I have noticed a lot of so-called human rights activists that are completely silent on this. And most of them being men. When Cuban punk band Porno Para Ricardo were arrested in Cuba, activists from all over the world condemned the Castro regime. Even though many did not agree with PPR's name nor their lyrics, they still campaigned for their release. So my question is, why be silent when females are jailed? Putin is no better than Castro. Both are Communist countries that oppress their people. I call on all human rights activists to stand up and call for the release of Pussy Riot members. If you're offended at what they did, then fine. Be offended. But remember, in a Communist country like Russia, the Church is in bed with Putin and supports him politically. And these women know it. So please, put religion aside and look at the whole picture here. These women deserve to be freed. FREE PUSSY RIOT NOW!!!!!!!!!!!

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