Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Random Thoughts for Tuesday

1. Everyone needs to have some fun. No matter what your job is or where you are. Just have some fun!!!!!!!! Everyone takes everything way too seriously and we are forgetting the meaning of fun.

2. Music is a wonderful thing.

3. Russia needs to free Pussy Riot immediately. The Russian government is still jailing and murdering its citizens for speaking their minds and daring to go against Putin.

4. To the person who keeps following me, then un-following me on Twitter, (at least 3 times now), just stop. Its extremely annoying and just plain creepy. Its not that hard to decide whether to follow someone or not. I'm half-tempted just to block your ass so you won't have to go through the trouble of un-following me again. If my tweets aren't interesting, then don't follow. Its simple.

5. Men, don't brag to every woman about how "good" you are in bed.......cause most of the time, the ones that brag to everyone, don't have shit. A vibrator would probably give more pleasure than you can. So if you're good in bed, don't publisize it. Your woman will do that for you when she tells her friends how good you are. Lol.

6. What the hell is up with all these crazy bastards going into places and shooting and taking hostages? We are in major trouble as a society.

7. Hot dogs with cheese is delicious. And great for breakfast too.

8. My birthday is Friday and I have no idea what I'm doing yet. Spent way too much money already and have to wait till next week to go out. So, I think ill watch movies. And NO ONE better ruin my day. :-)

9. Is cutting my hair to shoulder-length today. It grows way too fast.

10. Cafe Bustelo is awesome. Everyone should have some.

11. I realized today that I am extremely blessed to have friends that care. And who put up with me cause I like to talk. A lot.

12. "Good morning" in Irish Gaelic is "Maidin mhaith".

13. I hope everyone has a peaceful day. God bless and take care. Muchos abrazos para todos. 

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