Random Thoughts

1. Todd Akin is an asshole.

2. Vladimir Putin is an asshole.

3. The Republican Party is becoming just as bad as the Democrats, and I'm on the verge of changing my affiliation to Independent. I've been a Democrat. Got fed up with them. And now I'm getting fed up with Republicans who are stuck in biblical times and can't seem to come to the 21st Century.

4. If you keep asking about why I do things, such as get my nose pierced or dye my hair or eat a lot, then my only answer for you will be: its none of your damn business. I might eat a lot, but I keep my figure. So I don't give a shit what anyone thinks.

5. To all of my friends in Florida who could be impacted by Issac: you are in my thoughts and prayers. Stay safe down there!

6. Psoriasis is awful when it spreads all over your body. But its still not as bad as ringworm. Ringworm is hell!!!! And I hope I never get it again. Ill tolerate psoriasis.

7. The hot weather is back today. Along with humidity.

8. There needs to be more respect towards women. Men who don't respect women are not worthy of having one.

9. Moving again is stressful. Moving with someone who is always miserable is even more stressful.

10. Just because I'm nice doesn't mean I'm nice to everyone. If you cross me, the Leo in me will come out. And you better run. Just sayin.

11. I thank God for Catholicism and for everything. I'm still learning. Still trying to believe certain things. Its a long, hard and painful road. But I know in the end, all will be ok.

12. And a huge part of me finding Catholicism is because of my Cuban friends whom without them, I wouldn't have known about it like I do know. And I wouldn't have gone to Mass if it wasn't for them.

13. I am following a different path than a lot of people want me to. Whether you believe in me or not, fine. But don't get in my way of me achieving my dreams. Because I WILL achieve them. :-)

14. FREE PUSSY RIOT!!!!!!!!!

15. Chinese food is awesome.

16. Don't put down other people because they have a different style than you do. God made us all different for a reason.

17. Hopefully by the time I'm 35 ill know Spanish fluently, as well as Gaelic, French and Hebrew.

18. No one is perfect. Remember that next time someone makes a mistake and is truly sorry for it.

19. ¡¡¡¡¡VIVA CUBA LIBRE!!!!!!!!!!!     

20. Time to end this post. Everyone have a blessed and beautiful day.


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