Friday, August 17, 2012

Sometimes It's Best To Walk

This morning getting off of my first bus downtown, the second one came fast. Myself and another woman were walking towards it and the driver stopped. Then all of a sudden right when we got up to the bus, he drives right off, leaving us. Its not the first time this has happened to people. It happens all the time. I'm not going to worry about why he left without picking us up. I sat back down waiting for the next bus which comes on 20 min intervals. But then I realized my place is about a mile and a half away, at most. And I've never walked the distance yet. And its a beautiful day so why not? Even with my feet hurting I walked the whole way. It took me about 25 mins. I've realized that walking is not only good for us physically, but it is also good for us spiritually and mentally. You get to enjoy nature. You get to have a clear mind. Seeing things you might not have seen before. I'm horribly tired though. I put on a pedometer one night at work and I clocked in 13 miles of walking distance in an 8 hr shift.....thank God for Dr. Scholls insoles. Lol. But seriously, if you take a bus home and you can make the walk, do it once in a while. It will do you some good. And whether or not you realize it, you are actually walking with God. Because He is there beside you. Its Friday everyone. And to close out this post, I have just 3 words : VIVA CUBA LIBRE!!!!!!!!!!!! :-)

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