Saturday, September 22, 2012

Blogs for a Free Cuba

I haven't posted about Cuba in awhile and with all that's been going on I think I need to. A lot of my non-Cuban friends don't understand why I post about Cuba so much. It seems whenever I post about Cuba on facebook, someone always asks me why I post about Cuba when I'm not Cuban. To be honest, I get sick of explaining why. My posts should explain why. There is a totalitarian dictatorship that has destroyed that beautiful country and enslaved her people for decades. And the world sits by and caters to the Castros. Its not right. Its horrible that people ignore Cuba. Everyday, more and more now, dissidents are being beaten, threatened, jailed, women are being threatened with rape and sexual abuse, their children are being threatened, and even some dissidents, like Orlando Zapata and Oswaldo Paya and Laura Pollan, killed by the dictatorship.

I try to do my little part in spreading the word on what is happening there but in reality, I can only do so much. There are a lot of others who blog solely about Cuba and whom help the dissidents directly and give the most up to date info about the human rights abuses that are occuring there. This post is mainly for my non-Cuban friends who want to read more about Cuba's struggle for freedom. And most of the blogs I'm going to list, are in English. So, here goes.

1. Uncommon Sense is the blog by my friend Marc Masferrer. He is a journalist who blogs for a free Cuba and who has blogged about almost every single known Cuban political prisoner. I say 'known' because no one knows just how many political prisoners there are there who no one knows about. His blog is one of the most important blogs for a free Cuba. If you want to know about the political prisoners and the latest info on them, then you have to read his blog.

2. Notes From The Cuban Exile Quarter is a blog by human rights activist John Suarez. He blogs extensively on what is happening in Cuba with in-depth information and also translates a lot so that people who don't understand Spanish can still know what is going on there. His blog is also a great resource to learn about the history of Cuba and her struggle for freedom. He also blogs about other dissidents and countries fighting for freedom and human rights such as Tibet and Burma, to name a few. His blog is a must read.

3. Pedazos de la Isla is a blog in English and Spanish by Raul Garcia. He has probably some of the most up to date info on dissidents and human rights abuses in Cuba. His blog is also a must read if you want to know about the dissidents and what is happening to them everyday.

4. Nueva Onda Cuba this blog is by my friend Mickey, who blogs in Spanish. If you know Spanish, his blog is wonderful to read. He blogs about a variety of things from history of Cuba, to dissidents fighting for freedom, the punk rockers in Cuba, the artists in Cuba who continually get oppressed by the government and much more. He runs an excellent blog and deserves a shout out on here. So if you understand Spanish, go and read it!

5. El Balsero Suicida This blog is also in Spanish and its run by two men, Gilberto and Ariel, who I am honored to call my friends. They are Balseros. Their blog has a lot of posts on the history of the Balseros and their struggle for freedom, and also has some posts with interviews and stories as well. Again, if you understand Spanish, this is an excellent blog to read. They write with so much passion and conviction. A wonderful blog to read.

I know I'm missing a lot of blogs and I am time-constricted at the moment and sleep-deprived. So I will be updating this list a lot. But, I ask all of my non-Cuban friends to visit these site and read their posts, read the archives too. Please get involved in helping Cubans to get their freedom. And please share these blogs with all your friends and get them involved too. The world needs to know the truth about what's happening to the people of Cuba. 

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  1. Thanks for the shout out Colena! Hope all is well with you.


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