Monday, September 10, 2012

World Suicide Prevention Day

Today is World Suicide Prevention Day. Today, a lot of people are struggling. And they are wondering if the struggle is worth it. If they can ever be happy. If their lives can ever be better. My answer, is YES!!!!!!!!! Today, tell someone you care about them. Listen to someone's problems. Offer up a solution. Or just offer up your support. If you see someone on a bridge just standing and looking down, ask them if they're ok. Same with any other place. Or if you hear someone talk about ending their life, help them. Be their friend. Listen to them. Suicide is permanent. Problems aren't. So, please help other. We need to build communtiy. We need to encourage.

And if the topic of suicide is funny to you, if you want to makes jokes, then you show just how low a person can be. Remember, suicide will affect everyone at least once. You won't be joking when it affects you.

Today, we must overcome the pain. The lonliness. The hurt. The shame. The stigma. Help others. God intended for us to. And He loves every one of us. On this day, and week, Suicide Prevention Week, please help someone. Save a life. Save how ever many lives you have to. Please.

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