Monday, November 26, 2012

Martin Luther King

I graduated high school in 2004 and in my senior year I took creative writing. By far my favorite class. Our teacher decided to play a joke on us and tell us that we didn't have off to observe Martin Luther King Day. So he made us write a paper explaining why we think its an important holiday and why we should have off of school. Of course, after we wrote our papers he told us we actually did have off that day. Lol. Recently, I found the papers I saved from that class, including that paper. I am publishing it here tonight:

I think Martin Luther King Day should be celebrated as a holiday and have off school and work because he changed America into what it is today. He had the courage to stand up against people who thought segregation was good and he stood up against the politicians who thought racism was right. He fought for schools to be un-segregated and for children of all races to be in the same classrooms together without worrying about each others race. He was critisized for being African American and was also critisized for standing up against the people that were persecuting African Americans. He held marches down streets that had thousands of people protesting segregation and demanding to be treated equally. He didn't just want equality for blacks, he also wanted equality for the lower class white people who also were treated badly and for the people of other races as well. He wanted everyone to live in a world without being persecuted for what their skin color was or how much money they earned. He wasn't afraid of standing up to people and saying his opinion to people about things. He was the only person in that time who had the courage to stand up and speak out without using violent words or actions. The country finally decided to integrate schools and businesses. Black people could work alongside white people and get paid the same money for their work. And black children could get an education just the same as white kids. When schools were integrated, it taught children to accept other cultures and races and accept people for who they were. Today, there is more acceptance for minorities than ever before. Martin Luther King is the reason for that because if he didn't stand up and fight, then we would probably still be segregated. It is a holiday to think about the good that he did and the things he did to change the country. That is why we should have off schools and businesses on the holiday.

Written on 01/13/04 by Colena Corley


  1. So fortunate our country to have the incredible legady of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., a blessing indeed. Good paper Colena, looking very much forward to others from that time of yours.

  2. Uh... "legacy" that is. Legady, don't know what that means really, lol...


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