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Sermon for a Short Story

I also found a sermon in which we had to write after we read a short story by Gabriel Garcia Marquez called," The Handsomest Drowned Man in the World". The character in the story, Esteban, washed up dead upon the shore. The women and villagers were in awe of his physical stature. We had to write a sermon for our assignment. We had to write what we would say if we were one of the villagers honoring him. Here is mine:Ladies and gentleman, we have gathered here today to mourn the death of our beloved friend, Esteban. He came to us from an unforgiving, deadly sea. His body looked like it had been pecked to death by sea-grass wearing seagulls. His face was ugly and covered in crust, a nasty, disgusting crust. He looked as if his soul had been stomped upon by some unforgiving force of nature. But Esteban came to us for a reason. Our women took him in and cleaned him up and honored him with everything and every gift you could imagine. They gave him flowers. He was a tall, tall man.…

Falling (poem)

In 2004, I was a senior and I took Creative Writing class. We had to write a poem with examples of personification and hyperbole in it. A lot of my poems from then are very dark as I was in a very dark place in my life. But, I thought I would share my poem with personification and hyperbole.FallingMy heart aches with everlasting pain
Everytime you speak to me I melt
Your love is like a baby screaming out loud
My cries echo in the halls
I am holding on desperately to you
My heart is filled with tears
I try to cling on but I am falling away
The flowers in the garden turn into blood
Our eyes are flooding with fire
Your heart is a murderer
And I always stay and keep falling


It was snowing for almost 3 straight hrs this morning. Now it is sleeting, which is worse. Way worse. Very dangerous outside. So if you live in Baltimore area, be careful. It will be raining steady this evening and all tonight. But the snow was very pretty to watch. I took this photo with Instagram.

God Bless Journalists

As an aspiring journalist, I've watched a lot of journalists on tv and also read their articles. My favorite journalists are international journalists. And Richard Engel is one of them. He is an award winning journalist who has been missing in Syria since Thursday. I don't think a lot of people realize how dangerous it is to be a journalist in these times. With multiple wars all over the world, communist and totalitarian dictatorships murdering, raping and imprisoning journalists and dissidents, now more than ever, it is a life-risking career. They uncover the truth. And they are absolutely relentless in uncovering it. A real journalist will uncover truth no matter where it hides or who is hiding it. They are the very few people in this world who will travel to the most dangerous countries knowing they could be killed and speak out for those who are being oppressed and wronged.I learned a lot about Richard Engel in the link below. He is fluent in Arabic and Spanish. Two of the…

Human Rights Day

Today is Human Rights Day. We must not forget about the millions of our brothers and sisters all over the world who have no human rights at all. To name a few countries where human rights does not exist: Cuba, Venezuela, many countries in Middle East, many countries in Africa, China, Tibet. And the worst of the worst: North Korea. Please everyone, today, post something supporting our opressed brothers and sisters. We can use our freedom to give them a voice. They are being beaten, raped, murdered and imprisoned every second of every day. It doesn't stop. Dictatorships will stop at nothing to keep their power over people.  Please say a prayers for all who are oppressed. One day, everyone in the world will be free from dictatorships and evil.

Hip Hop Cubano

My friend and blogger Luis Felipe Rojas has written an excellent post about Cuban artist David D Omni. David transcends genres and generations. He is one of the artists in Cuba who is not afraid of the Castro regime. He speaks his mind. He believes everyone should have freedom.  He is an extraordinary artist. Please read the link below and share with your friends. VIVA CUBA LIBRE!!!!!!!!!!!!David Escalona, the Strength of Urban Hip-Hop | Crossing the Barbed Wire