Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Sermon for a Short Story

I also found a sermon in which we had to write after we read a short story by Gabriel Garcia Marquez called," The Handsomest Drowned Man in the World". The character in the story, Esteban, washed up dead upon the shore. The women and villagers were in awe of his physical stature. We had to write a sermon for our assignment. We had to write what we would say if we were one of the villagers honoring him. Here is mine:

Ladies and gentleman, we have gathered here today to mourn the death of our beloved friend, Esteban. He came to us from an unforgiving, deadly sea. His body looked like it had been pecked to death by sea-grass wearing seagulls. His face was ugly and covered in crust, a nasty, disgusting crust. He looked as if his soul had been stomped upon by some unforgiving force of nature. But Esteban came to us for a reason. Our women took him in and cleaned him up and honored him with everything and every gift you could imagine. They gave him flowers. He was a tall, tall man. He was as tall and big as the mountains. His beauty went far beyond nature's. We are here to honor him today and to give him thanks for changing our lives. We need to live fuller and more happier lives. Esteban has brought us so much joy and has taught us to treasure our lives. He will be apart of our souls for as long as we live, and today, we celebrate his life, and his death. Esteban has touched our lives, and we must never forget the gift he has given to us.

May 3, 2004

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