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My Baby

Today I got to see the baby on the ultrasound. Words cannot express how I felt. I felt so happy. I'm still very sad about my situation but the sadness has lessened. I think in part because the baby is now more developed and it has hands and feet and is moving a lot and even did a backflip on the ultrasound. I keep on thinking its a girl but hopefully I will find out for sure sometime next month. The baby was moving so much that the doctor couldn't get exact measurements. I might be 10 and a half weeks instead of 11 and a half. But basically, doing the math, I'm 11 and a half weeks and due date in June is the same. It is so surreal to feel this way. To have a live human being inside of me moving around. I want to scream and jump up and down for joy. Lol. I can't wait until the next ultrasound. What I have found while being pregnant, is that I am much more drawn to my Catholic faith than before. I upheld my beliefs by not having an abortion like a couple of people want…

8 Years Strong: A Voice For Cuba's Dissidents

This week, my friend Marc Masferrer's blog turns 8 years old. If you don't know him or his blog, go over and check it out at Uncommon Sense.Marc is a Cuban American journalist and blogger who has been blogging for a free Cuba for 8 years now. He has given a huge voice to the dissidents in Cuba, especially the political prisoners who are all in immediate danger. And he blogs mainly in English. Because he blogs in English, his blog reaches Americans who might not know what is happening in Cuba. His blog has opened up many eyes to the horror that the Cuban people live in. And I'd like to think that his blog scares the Castro's. Because he tells the stories of the political prisoners that the Castro government tries to hide away in horrible, filthy prison cells. Marc gives these prisoners a voice, a voice that the Castro's tried to take away. I hope the day will come that Cuba will be free. That day, there won't have to be anymore heartbreaking posts of political p…

The Importance of Human Rights Activism

Over the past few days, a few instances of irate and stupid people talking crap about human rights have made me want to write a post on why human rights activism is important. So, here goes.Every single person on this planet should have basic human rights. Sadly, this is far from the case. Countries like Cuba, North Korea, China, Eritrea, etc., violate their citizens human rights every day. They jail or kill anyone who disagrees with their government. They threaten, harrass, and rape women to intimidate them. In Cuba, right now, there is a rapper named El Critico in prison on a hunger strike. Another dissident, Sonia Garro, is also in prison. Both of their lives are in danger. They are the ones who dare to speak up against tyranny. They speak up for the citizens of Cuba who are too terrified to. The castro regime has gone so far as to murder dissidents. Laura Pollan, Orlando Zapata, Oswaldo Paya and Herold Cepero are just a few of the dissidents that the Castro regime has murdered. In…

Choosing Life Over Abortion

The past few weeks have been an emotional rollercoaster for me. I learned that I was pregnant. Then, I started having pains. I went to the E.R. where they diagnosed me with Subchorionic Hematoma. That means that there is blood around the sac/placenta depending on how far along you are. I was told the risk of miscarriage is higher with it. It is extremely scary, especially since this is my first pregnancy. Sometimes the body absorbs the blood and everything is fine. Then other times, a miscarriage happens. If that wasn't enough to make me scared and worried, the reaction from the father of the baby was even more upsetting.He wants an abortion. He is pushing hard for it and using every excuse in the book. From my financial situation to my mother to him being a lot older, etc. I told him I don't believe in abortion. He replied with the line that all ignorant people say.....that I have to go against my beliefs and do what is "right" for the child. Apparently, if I were t…

Love One Another


The season of change
A new begining
Leaves turn magnificent colors
Crisp breezes fill the air
Night comes faster
Fireplaces burn bright
Nature displays her wonderful beauty
The never ending change
A season of hope, pain, and love
A season of start anew
The season of second chances
Welcome, Fall.
I wrote this today. Fall has always been a very hard season for me. Fall and Winter. These are the times when S.A.D. kicks in and beats my ass. It is also the time of year where God seems to test me the most. Where all I want to do is run away from everything, even myself. I will try my best to make this Fall better than the others. To focus on the beauty of nature's changes. I'm going to try to visit the State Park. The only place where I have complete peace of mind while surround by the beauty of God's creations. Fall is beautiful there.
I wish everyone a blessed new season of peace, love, happiness and health. God bless everyone.

Repression in Cuba

In Matanzas, Cuba, this past Sunday was the 10th Sunday in a row where the Damas de Blanco were repressed by agents of the Castro regime. The violence towards these brave women needs to stop now!

Celebrities Performing for Dictators

With the news of Kanye West performing for the dictatorship in Kazakhstan, it puts human rights abuses out in the open again. Honestly, I didn't expect anything less from Kanye. I'm not surprised that he would perform for a dictatorship. He is all for the money. He doesn't care how many people the dictatorship has killed and are killing now, all he cares is that he gets money. Same goes for JLo, Hilary Swank and all of the other stupid celebrities that cater to dictatorships.Celebrities who perform for dictators are a special kind of stupid. They are the kind that lack common sense and empathy. They lack basic brain functions that us regular people have. All they see is money, money, money. And publicity. Dictators could slaughter hundreds of people while they are performing, and they wouldn't care. Why? Because they are getting paid. Cowards like JLo and Kanye West don't give a damn about people being oppressed. For decades, Hollywood celebrities have had a love a…

A Slap in the Face to Cubans

This week, swimmer Diana Nyad became the first woman to swim without a shark cage from Cuba to Florida. It's all over the news. I see a lot of people writing about how great of an achievement it is.... they are dead wrong. I can give thousands of reasons why her "achievement" is horrible. What are those thousands??? The Cubans who have died in those waters while trying to swim to freedom. They weren't trying to make records or get recognition from the media. They were trying to get to freedom. They were escaping a hellhole created by the Castro's. Thousands of balseros over the years, including children, have died trying to make it to America. Diana Nyad never mentioned them. Why? Because she doesn't give a shit. The media doesn't give a shit either. It's pathetic. It is a slap in the face to all of those who have died.

Cubans are caught everyday by the Coast Guard and returned to Cuba and face prison time and torture for trying to leave. They cannot…

The Dangers of the Occult

I practiced the occult in high school. Honestly, me and my friends had no idea what the hell we were doing. Saying and doing spells, etc. It wasn't until I played with a Ouiji board that things started happening. I started having horrible night terrors. I sank into a horrible depression and was constantly getting sick. The house had a feeling of sadness in it that wasn't there before. Then, I started feeling like something evil was in my room. I felt like I wanted to die. I stopped practicing it altogether after awhile. Now, I am Catholic. And even though I don't practice the occult anymore, there is a lingering feeling of uneasiness in me. I feel like there is something trying to stop me from gettting further in my faith. Everyday I have to fight it. I fight it with prayer, talking to friends in the faith, etc. The doors from that past are not completely closed. I'm not sure if there is ever a way to completely close it. The devil does anything and everything to try a…

Cholera in Cuba

If you are a human rights activist with knowledge of Cuba, then you already know about the Cholera outbreak in Cuba. The Castro regime has tried to downplay it for months. But now, many foreigners are contracting it. This is dangerous in many ways. The Cuban government has one of the worst healthcare systems in the world. Foreigners get better treatment than Cuban citizens. Cholera is deadly. And the Cuban government must get it under control now or else it will get extremely worse and put more Cuban lives at risk. Cubans are suffering so much under the Castro regime and now they have to be in fear of contracting something that can kill them. More pressure needs to be put on the Castro regime before more Cubans come down with it and die. If Cuba was free, this wouldn't even be happening.

Cuba reports more cholera among foreign visitors - Cuba -

Dad's Birthday

September 12th would be my father's birthday. He would be 96 years old. Yes, 96. He was 36 years older than my mother. He served in the Navy in WWII. he died when I was 4. I remember that day like it was yesterday. I really wish I could have known him. All I have are stories from family about him. I guess its better than nothing. I know I get a lot of my personality from him. My love of languages, cultures, etc. He was a part of the greatest generation. A generation of heroes who fought against communism and tyranny. This coming month, I will be getting a tattoo in his memory. It will have a sea anchor on it to honor his service in the Navy. Nothing will ever dull the pain of not having a father while growing up, but I do have comfort knowing he is watching me from Heaven and hopefully is proud of who I am.

The Pain of Exile

Very few people in the world know the pain of exile better than Cubans. For decades, their families have been separated because of a murderous, communist regime. I can't imagine the pain they feel. The worst is having a family member die and you couldn't say goodbye or be with them. That is the daily reality of Cubans in exile. I think that reality is summed up perfectly in the link below. A beautiful, heartbreaking post about exile and family. Written by Val Prieto at Babalu Blog , it is a must read and make sure you have tissues ready. You will cry reading it. One day, Cuba will be free. And families won't have to go through this anymore.

Recipe for Spoonburger

My cousin asked me for the recipe today for Spoonburger which reminded me that I haven't had it in awhile. I thought that I would post the recipe on my blog in case anyone wants to try it. Ingedients:1lb. Ground Beef
A couple of cans of Chicken Gumbo Soup
Mashed Potatoes*First, you brown the ground beef and cook it all the way.*In a large bowl, combine ground beef and chicken gumbo soup. Do not condense the soup with water.*Add a little bit of mustard and ketchup at first. Mix and taste. Some people like it a little bland and others like it tangy. Keep on adding mustard and ketchup until it tastes right for you.*Spread it over mashed potatoes (or bread if you prefer that) and enjoy!

My Gift to the Royal Family

Since the entire world seems to be sooooo obsessed with the royals having a baby, I thought I would give them a gift. My gift to them is a picture of the Irish flag. Those of you who know me know that I am not fond of the royals (that's a huge understatement) nor am I fond of the British monarchy. They raped, starved, exiled, jailed, and murdered my people (the Irish and Scots) for centuries. There has never been an official public apology from them for what they did. And to this day, they still occupy Northern Ireland and Scotland. They tried to kill the Irish language, kill Irish culture and yet so many people love the British monarchy. They are idiots. The British monarchy needs to understand one thing. Freedom always wins. One day, Ireland will be whole again. And Scotland will be an independent country. They cannot force their control forever. The Irish will never back down. And we will win in the end.

The Powerful Epidemic of Addiction

This week, the news reported that 'Glee' star Cory Montieth died of a herion and alcohol overdose. It is a tragic story. What makes it even more tragic is that he had sought help not too long ago.Addiction is an epidemic. Especially among my generation, it is beyond an epidemic. Some addicts hide it so well that no one knows until they either seek help or are dead. And heroin, is the worst of the worst. The relapse rate for a heoin addict is extremely high. Add alcohol addiction to it, and its worse. Alcohol combined with other drugs is deadly. I don't think a lot of people understand what addiction is. You can't 'just quit'. It doesn't work like that. Especially with hardcore drugs. There needs to be a dialogue about addiction. A dialogue that doesn't sugercoat anything. Telling kids 'say no to drugs' doesn't work. It never did. We as a society, are letting this epidemic happen. The harsh reality is that no matter how much you try to reach …

Heat Wave

Baltimore is having a heat wave. The one good thing about it is that I don't eat a lot when its very hot out. I have been drinking fluids and trying to stay cool. Emergency cooling centers are open (not a single one in my area), pools have extended hours and a lot of people are staying indoors. We are supossed to have some relief on Sunday.


Yesterday, I took a trip out to a water fountain on Charles St. It was very peaceful there with very few people around. It was nice to hear only the water flowing. I think more people should spend time near things like this. It does very good to bring peace to one's mind.

Violence Against Women in Cuba

The link below is a must read about the violence from Cuban government thugs against women in Cuba. It is shameful that so many organizations such as CEDAW ignore the violence and threats against women in Cuba. Please read the link below and share it with people. Educate people on what is happening in Cuba.

Notes from the Cuban Exile Quarter: End the Silence: Stand with Women in Cuba for Thei...: The Committee on the Elimination of Discrimination against Women ( CEDAW ) examined Cuba today during its 55th session at the Palais des...

Happy Independence Day!!!!

I want to wish everyone a Happy Independence Day. I am debating staying home or going downtown to the Inner Harbor for the fireworks. I hope everyone stays safe and please look out for each other's safety tonight. And also, please keep everyone around the world who are living in oppression in your thoughts and prayers. Today, we celebrate our freedom and hopefully one day, people in other countries like Cuba, North Korea, Venezuela, Tibet and Eritrea will also celebrate their own freedom. One day, they will all be free.  Take care and God bless.

A Call to Action

The month of July in Cuban history is a very sad month. So many dissidents have died in this month at the hands of the Castro regime. The most recent Cubans murdered in this month was Oswaldo Paya and Herold Cepero who were murdered last July. To honor them and so many others I will be fasting from the 13th to the 22nd and also spreading the word to people who do not know Cuba's history. Please consider doing something as well to help honor all of the innocent Cubans who have been murdered by the Castro regime.

Notes from the Cuban Exile Quarter: Shadows over the month of July: A Call to Action:

Same Blog. New Name.

I took a little break for a couple weeks from Blogging. I had and still have way too much going on but I am taking advantage of my insomnia tonight. Things are slowly getting better and moving forward in my life. I have job opportunities that I am taking advantage of and I am also starting a program next week at Goodwill to help better my skills to improve employment. I am blessed to have people in my life who are helping me and supporting me.

With all that said, I have also decided to change the name of my little blog here. Obviously, if you know who I am then you will realize why I chose the new name "Cuban Gringa Blog". I am not Cuban, but Cuba has a special place in my heart and soul. I think about it everyday. I think about all of the dissidents there and the hell that they are going through. I try my best to keep up with the latest news about all of it and try my best to spread the word. Although I don't post solely about Cuba, I thought the new name of my blog wo…

A Deadly Toll in Tibet

As of today, 118 Tibetans have self-immolated (set themselves on fire) since 2009 to protest the illegal occupation of Tibet by the Communist Chinese government. China is trying to wipe out Tibetan culture and refuses to recognize the human rights of Tibetans. China continually oppresses Tibetans and abuses them. It is sickening. And it is sad that the only way that Tibetans feel that the world will hear them, is to set themselves on fire. Most of them die. Please speak up for these Tibetans. Please. If enough people speak up for them, they wouldn't have to self-immolate and kill themselves just to make the world to pay attention to their plight.Self-Immolation at Yushul, Eastern Tibet, Toll reaches 118 - Central Tibetan Administration

More Photos of Inner Harbor and Fells Point

A couple photos were taken on the pier in Fells Point, then of the Harbor and the live show that we saw.

Inner Harbor of Baltimore

It's amazing how I have lived here for almost 18 years and yet I've only been to the Inner Harbor of Baltimore a few times. This past weekend, I went with a friend and had a great time. It was nice to get away and forget about my problems for a day. We saw a free live show, I got to see the U.S.S. Constellation up close, we walked to Federal Hill and to Fells Point. Maryland Deathfest was happening so we saw a lot of rockers and metal fans in town. Some were from South America and Canada. Hopefully, this coming weekend, we will go there again and have fun. We got back home around 9pm and walked about 10 miles during the day. I was so sore but it was well worth it. If you are ever in the Baltimore area, visit the Harbor and Fells Point. There is no shortage of things to see and do. One of my favorite places, is the Barnes and Noble on the Harbor right next to the Hard Rock Cafe. Baltimore has many attractions and a rich history. I'm glad I went this past weekend.

Song of the Week

I'm starting a song of the week on here and this week its Blake Shelton's Boys 'Round Here. This song is awesome and his voice is amazing. In my opinion, its a redneck anthem. And Pistol Annies are also excellent singing on this song. I can't get this track out of my head. Please check it out and enjoy!Watch "Blake Shelton - Boys 'Round Here feat. Pistol Annies & Friends (Official Music Video)" on YouTube


From The Bedford Glossary of Critical and Literacy Terms.~ A literacy genre that uses irony, wit, and sometimes sarcasm to expose humanity's vices and foibles, giving impetus to change or reform through ridicule.• satire uses comic elements; it may generate laughter, but essentially has a moral purpose. (Note: Comedy's sole purpose is to entertain and amuse.)• satire is focused on characteristics that can be changed.Satire has two types:1. Direct: This uses a first person narrator who either directly addresses the reader or another character in a work (called adversaries).• Horation: A formal satire that pokes fun at human foibles with a witty, even indulgent tone. Named for Roman satirist Horace, who souught "to laugh people out of their vices and follies".•Juvenalian: A formal satire characterized by harshness and pointed realism that denounces human vice and error in solemn tones. Named for Roman satirist Juvenal, noted for his dignified attacks on vice which seek…

Cambio: For A Free Cuba

I wear my Cambio bracelet every single day. Translated to English, it means 'change'. It's my small way of showing support and solidarity with those in Cuba who struggle for freedom and are beaten, imprisoned and killed for wanting freedom for their country. It also gives me a chance to spread the word on Cuba's struggle for freedom. Someone will notice it and ask what it means, and I will tell them. Most people have no idea what is happening in Cuba. If you have a Cambio bracelet, please wear it. If you don't, you can always make a bracelet with beads or a necklace or even make a shirt. You can buy a plain shirt and some fabric paint and write "Free Cuba" on it and then wear it. When people pass by you, they will see it and hopefully they will ask or go home and research it. Any little bit helps. The biggest thing we can do for the dissidents and freedom fighters in Cuba is to show our solidarity with them and educate people who are unaware of their stru…

Baidin Fheilimi

One of my favorite traditional Irish songs sung by Sinead O'Connor. I looked up the English translation and will post it below.Watch "Sinéad O'Connor - Báidín Fheilimí" on YouTube
Phelim's BoatPhelim's boat went to Gola
Phelim's boat with Phelim on board
Phelim's boat went to Gola
Phelim's boat with Phelim on boardShe is tiny, she is lively
She is beautiful, she is Phelim's
She is straight, she is trustworthy
Phelim's boat with Phelim on boardPhelim's boat went to Tory
Phelim's boat with Phelim on board
Phelim's boat went to Tory
Phelim's boat with Phelim on boardPhelim's boat was wrecked off Tory
Laden with fish and Phelim on board
Phelim's boat was wrecked off Tory
Phelim's boat with Phelim on board

Oh, My Beautiful Child

Oh, my beautiful child
Who feels so lonely and alone
Why do you cry?
Why does your heart ache?Oh, my beautiful child
Let me dry your eyes
Be your shelter in the storm
Take my hand to holdOh, my beautiful child
So much pain in your heart
Sorrow in your eyes
Longing for love and peaceOh, my beautiful child
Reach out to me
Feel my love for you
I will ease your sufferingOh, my beautiful child
My Father sent me here
He sent me to save you
To envelope you in His loveOh, my beautiful child
Do not walk away
Have no fear
My love is unconditionalOh, my beautiful child
Rest in my arms
Feel my love
My peace and love in your heartOh, my beautiful child
It will get better, you will see
My Father makes no mistakes
He created you with His loveOh, my beautiful child
He loves you
I love you
My beautiful child

Gosnell and the Media

It occurred to me that while I post about the Gosnell trial on Facebook, I haven't blogged about it. There are truely no words to describe the horror that happened in his abortion clinic. And the silence from the media, is sickening. Fox news is the only media outlet that has the balls to cover it. The following link is from Babalu Blog that has a video with the post. Please go there and see it. Hopefully if someone who is pro-cchoice see's it, it will change their mind about abortion. Every child deserves life. “See No Evil” | Babalú Blog

Eritrea: The North Korea of Africa

There are dozens of countries worldwide that abuse the human rights of their people. The most well known being North Korea, Cuba, China, Burma, Iran, Syria. But there is one country that most people people have never heard of. Eritrea. Human rights activists call it the North Korea of Africa. It is one of the most oppressive governments in the world and almost no one outside of human rights activism even knows that country exists. The U.N. has an expert gathering testimonies from Eritrean people that have fled their country. Hopefully, their testimony about what is happening in their country will generate attention and put pressure on the government of Eritrea to recognize the human rights of their people.UN Human Rights Expert to Gather First-Hand Testimonies From Eritrean Refugees -

Cuba: Harboring and Supporting Terrorists

Joanne Chesimard, an american fugitive wanted for killing a state trooper decades ago is now the first female to appear on the FBI's most wanted terrorist list. The worst part about this, is that she is in Cuba. She escaped there and the Cuban regime has given her a safe haven. She also has a website where she advocates terrorism. This is horrible. Throughout the years, Cuba has given fugitives and terrorists a safe haven. American terrorists, Irish terrorists, and so many others around the world wanted for murder are living in Cuba. Not only do they still pose a danger to the world, but they pose a danger to the Cuban people. These are violent fugitives who have killed people. And the Cuban government treats them with more respect and dignity than they do their own citizens. Cuba is a sponser of terrorism. They need to remain on that list.Notes from the Cuban Exile Quarter: Cop killer fugitive in Cuba named Most Wanted Terrorist by the FBI

Alarm Bracelet for Human Rights Activists

A Safe World For Women has posted about a bracelet human rights activists can wear in oppressed countries and it will send a signal if they are assaulted. There needs to be much improvement for it but it is a very good start to give some activists protection against being assaulted. Its a good tool for activists to use against dictatorships. If the activist presses the button, or the bracelet is torn off, it sends a signal using GPS. Therefore, we can get the word out faster that an activist has been assaulted.Personal assault alarm for human rights activists at risk

Mo Alainn Eirinn


On April 14, Venezuela had their "elections". As usual, and as expected, total fraude was involved and Maduro refuses to have a recount. All the evidence is visible that Capriles should have won. The people of Venezuela took to the streets and were attacked with violence by Maduro's regime. And there have also been deaths as well. And the rest of the world ignores it. So far from what I had read, The United States is refusing to recognize Maduro and his government of thugs. Good. He should not be recognized as a legitimate president. The people of Venezuela deserve freedom. What is happening there is a violation of human rights. Please pray for the people of Venezuela. The videos of violence that are coming out of that country are horrible. We have to share them and we have to spread the word on what is happening there. They will eventually have their freedom. But we who are outside of Venezuela can also help them gain their freedom by exposing human rights violations an…

Truth or Lies?

i have been thinking about alot of thingss past couple of days. multiple things have happened over the past two weeks to make me question things. one of the things i am questioning, is the truth, or lack thereof.  it gets to a point where you have to question whether or not everything someone told you was a lie. things are said or things happen that make you wonder if it all was a lie. and when you think about this, the issue of trust comes into it. if you even remotely think someone has lied to you, then you cant completely trust them. even if they say they dont lie, there is no way to actually prove it. its a horrible feeling to get when you think someone has told you all lies. its a feeling i cant fully describe. multiple people and things have made me question all this. some moreso than others. mabey im just thinking too much about things. or mabey my gut feeling is right.  either way, i think alot of people are going through similar situations. or worse. i find that now my feelin…

Zoe Valdes's Open Letter to Michelle Obama

From Babalu Blog , an English translation of the open letter to Michelle Obama by Cuban writer Zoe Valdes. It is a must read by all. Please read her letter and share it.
An Open Letter to Michelle Obama | Babalú Blog

Mystery Solved

For a long time there has been a salsa song stuck in my head. I never knew who sang it until yesterday. I love this song.Watch "Charlie Zaa - LA POLLERA COLORA´ ( sin video )" on YouTube

North Korea: Continuing to Imprison and Torture Its Citizens

I came accross the following link today from The Telegraph, showing satellite images of Camp No. 25 in North Korea. It shows significant growth in the camp. Buildings are being erected to attempt to handle the growing population of political prisoners that are being sent to the camp. There are many camps like this one in North Korea. Prisoners are routinely starved, raped, tortured and beaten and in a lot of cases, murdered in these camps. They are modern day concentration camps. And the world, for the most part, continues to ignore it. The regime continues to do nuke tests and the world ignores it. North Korea is a huge threat to the world, but the government is an even bigger threat to its own people, who are forced to put on a facade of worshipping their leader and acting as robots. Its either that, or be sent to prison camps. They have an almost unbreakable shield as far as media and communication with the outside world goes. Its people have no idea what is going on in our world. …

Geneva Summit for Human Rights and Democracy

The following link is from John Suarez over at his blog, Notes from the Cuban Exile Quarter. He delivered the closing statement at the Geneva Summit. He is a human rights activist who has done excellent work to help dissidents in oppressed countries. Please click on the link and read, then share. Notes from the Cuban Exile Quarter: 5th Annual Geneva Summit for Human Rights and Democracy: Closing Statement

China: An Enemy

Washington PostObviously is their government feels the need to hack almost every part of our government, then they are not our ally....

Django Unchained : A Review

Last night I watched one of the best movies ever made, in my opinion. Just when you think Quentin Tarantino can't do any better, he can. He has set the bar high with this film. From the very begining, there isint a dull moment in this movie. Jamie Foxx is incredible as Django. And Leonardo DiCaprio makes a brilliant performance. Christoph Waltz, Kerry Washington and Samuel L. Jackson also make brilliant performances in it. There are difficult moments in the film. It depicts the truth and reality of slavery. Scenes from it that are hard to watch include Washington's character being tied up and lashed, a slave being torn apart and mauled to death by dogs, which greatly affects Waltz's character after seeing it. A lot of critics have given the movie an excellent rating. A lot has been made of the N-word and its high usage in the movie. Let me explain something for the ignorant out there: people back then used it all the time to describe slaves. This movie tells the truth. It …

22 years

That is how long my father has been gone. 22 yrs ago today. Funny thing is, I'm not sad today. I feel proud that he is my father. Not many people my age can say their father was in WWII. At the end of his career in the Navy, he left with 6 medals. He traveled all over the world, he spoke a good amount of French. I know I get my love of cultures and languages from him. He became a paramedic after the war, when that didn't suit him he became a mortician. Finally, he started his own engraving business. He eventually retired in Florida. Then married and had kids at 69 yrs old. Of course, he had been married before. but never had kids. I get much of my personality from him, and I'm thankful for that. I hope he is looking down and proud of me as I am of him.