22 years

That is how long my father has been gone. 22 yrs ago today. Funny thing is, I'm not sad today. I feel proud that he is my father. Not many people my age can say their father was in WWII. At the end of his career in the Navy, he left with 6 medals. He traveled all over the world, he spoke a good amount of French. I know I get my love of cultures and languages from him. He became a paramedic after the war, when that didn't suit him he became a mortician. Finally, he started his own engraving business. He eventually retired in Florida. Then married and had kids at 69 yrs old. Of course, he had been married before. but never had kids. I get much of my personality from him, and I'm thankful for that. I hope he is looking down and proud of me as I am of him.


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