Django Unchained : A Review

Last night I watched one of the best movies ever made, in my opinion. Just when you think Quentin Tarantino can't do any better, he can. He has set the bar high with this film. From the very begining, there isint a dull moment in this movie. Jamie Foxx is incredible as Django. And Leonardo DiCaprio makes a brilliant performance. Christoph Waltz, Kerry Washington and Samuel L. Jackson also make brilliant performances in it.

There are difficult moments in the film. It depicts the truth and reality of slavery. Scenes from it that are hard to watch include Washington's character being tied up and lashed, a slave being torn apart and mauled to death by dogs, which greatly affects Waltz's character after seeing it. A lot of critics have given the movie an excellent rating. A lot has been made of the N-word and its high usage in the movie. Let me explain something for the ignorant out there: people back then used it all the time to describe slaves. This movie tells the truth. It tells the truth about slavery and anything less would be dishonorable to all the slaves who died. We cannot forget what happened and we can not water down history because some people are uncomfortable with the word. If we forget our history as a nation, then we will be condemned to repeat it. And slavery cannot and will not be repeated.

I recommend this movie to everyone. It is a truthful movie about slavery, redemption, love and the human condition.


  1. The central take away is that time after time Tarantino gives people something to talk about. Which is always a good thing. Nice review Colena.


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