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North Korea: Continuing to Imprison and Torture Its Citizens

I came accross the following link today from The Telegraph, showing satellite images of Camp No. 25 in North Korea. It shows significant growth in the camp. Buildings are being erected to attempt to handle the growing population of political prisoners that are being sent to the camp. There are many camps like this one in North Korea. Prisoners are routinely starved, raped, tortured and beaten and in a lot of cases, murdered in these camps. They are modern day concentration camps. And the world, for the most part, continues to ignore it. The regime continues to do nuke tests and the world ignores it. North Korea is a huge threat to the world, but the government is an even bigger threat to its own people, who are forced to put on a facade of worshipping their leader and acting as robots. Its either that, or be sent to prison camps. They have an almost unbreakable shield as far as media and communication with the outside world goes. Its people have no idea what is going on in our world. …

Geneva Summit for Human Rights and Democracy

The following link is from John Suarez over at his blog, Notes from the Cuban Exile Quarter. He delivered the closing statement at the Geneva Summit. He is a human rights activist who has done excellent work to help dissidents in oppressed countries. Please click on the link and read, then share. Notes from the Cuban Exile Quarter: 5th Annual Geneva Summit for Human Rights and Democracy: Closing Statement

China: An Enemy

Washington PostObviously is their government feels the need to hack almost every part of our government, then they are not our ally....