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Truth or Lies?

i have been thinking about alot of thingss past couple of days. multiple things have happened over the past two weeks to make me question things. one of the things i am questioning, is the truth, or lack thereof.  it gets to a point where you have to question whether or not everything someone told you was a lie. things are said or things happen that make you wonder if it all was a lie. and when you think about this, the issue of trust comes into it. if you even remotely think someone has lied to you, then you cant completely trust them. even if they say they dont lie, there is no way to actually prove it. its a horrible feeling to get when you think someone has told you all lies. its a feeling i cant fully describe. multiple people and things have made me question all this. some moreso than others. mabey im just thinking too much about things. or mabey my gut feeling is right.  either way, i think alot of people are going through similar situations. or worse. i find that now my feelin…

Zoe Valdes's Open Letter to Michelle Obama

From Babalu Blog , an English translation of the open letter to Michelle Obama by Cuban writer Zoe Valdes. It is a must read by all. Please read her letter and share it.
An Open Letter to Michelle Obama | Babalú Blog

Mystery Solved

For a long time there has been a salsa song stuck in my head. I never knew who sang it until yesterday. I love this song.Watch "Charlie Zaa - LA POLLERA COLORA´ ( sin video )" on YouTube