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Ode to the Backstreet Boys

This year marks the 20th Anniversary of The Backstreet Boys and their music. I have been a fan for 17 of those years. I first heard their music when I was 11 years old. A time in my life where I was started to be bullied relentlessly in school. The Backstreet Boys and their music is truely timeless. Their vocals blend together effortlessly and their music has evolved through the years. One of the biggest reasons why I am a huge fan, is because they keep it real. They were never afraid to speak about their personal struggles. And not afraid to speak about faith. When A.J. first went to rehab they were honest with us fans about it. Other boy bands tried to maintain a shiny, perfect image and the Backstreet Boys kept it real. They gained a lot of respect even from people who never listened to their music. Personally, their music helped me through some of the hardest times in my life so far. It gave me moments where I could be lost in the music and forget about my troubles for a moment. T…

Alarm Bracelet for Human Rights Activists

A Safe World For Women has posted about a bracelet human rights activists can wear in oppressed countries and it will send a signal if they are assaulted. There needs to be much improvement for it but it is a very good start to give some activists protection against being assaulted. Its a good tool for activists to use against dictatorships. If the activist presses the button, or the bracelet is torn off, it sends a signal using GPS. Therefore, we can get the word out faster that an activist has been assaulted.Personal assault alarm for human rights activists at risk

Mo Alainn Eirinn


On April 14, Venezuela had their "elections". As usual, and as expected, total fraude was involved and Maduro refuses to have a recount. All the evidence is visible that Capriles should have won. The people of Venezuela took to the streets and were attacked with violence by Maduro's regime. And there have also been deaths as well. And the rest of the world ignores it. So far from what I had read, The United States is refusing to recognize Maduro and his government of thugs. Good. He should not be recognized as a legitimate president. The people of Venezuela deserve freedom. What is happening there is a violation of human rights. Please pray for the people of Venezuela. The videos of violence that are coming out of that country are horrible. We have to share them and we have to spread the word on what is happening there. They will eventually have their freedom. But we who are outside of Venezuela can also help them gain their freedom by exposing human rights violations an…