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A Deadly Toll in Tibet

As of today, 118 Tibetans have self-immolated (set themselves on fire) since 2009 to protest the illegal occupation of Tibet by the Communist Chinese government. China is trying to wipe out Tibetan culture and refuses to recognize the human rights of Tibetans. China continually oppresses Tibetans and abuses them. It is sickening. And it is sad that the only way that Tibetans feel that the world will hear them, is to set themselves on fire. Most of them die. Please speak up for these Tibetans. Please. If enough people speak up for them, they wouldn't have to self-immolate and kill themselves just to make the world to pay attention to their plight.Self-Immolation at Yushul, Eastern Tibet, Toll reaches 118 - Central Tibetan Administration

More Photos of Inner Harbor and Fells Point

A couple photos were taken on the pier in Fells Point, then of the Harbor and the live show that we saw.

Inner Harbor of Baltimore

It's amazing how I have lived here for almost 18 years and yet I've only been to the Inner Harbor of Baltimore a few times. This past weekend, I went with a friend and had a great time. It was nice to get away and forget about my problems for a day. We saw a free live show, I got to see the U.S.S. Constellation up close, we walked to Federal Hill and to Fells Point. Maryland Deathfest was happening so we saw a lot of rockers and metal fans in town. Some were from South America and Canada. Hopefully, this coming weekend, we will go there again and have fun. We got back home around 9pm and walked about 10 miles during the day. I was so sore but it was well worth it. If you are ever in the Baltimore area, visit the Harbor and Fells Point. There is no shortage of things to see and do. One of my favorite places, is the Barnes and Noble on the Harbor right next to the Hard Rock Cafe. Baltimore has many attractions and a rich history. I'm glad I went this past weekend.

Song of the Week

I'm starting a song of the week on here and this week its Blake Shelton's Boys 'Round Here. This song is awesome and his voice is amazing. In my opinion, its a redneck anthem. And Pistol Annies are also excellent singing on this song. I can't get this track out of my head. Please check it out and enjoy!Watch "Blake Shelton - Boys 'Round Here feat. Pistol Annies & Friends (Official Music Video)" on YouTube


From The Bedford Glossary of Critical and Literacy Terms.~ A literacy genre that uses irony, wit, and sometimes sarcasm to expose humanity's vices and foibles, giving impetus to change or reform through ridicule.• satire uses comic elements; it may generate laughter, but essentially has a moral purpose. (Note: Comedy's sole purpose is to entertain and amuse.)• satire is focused on characteristics that can be changed.Satire has two types:1. Direct: This uses a first person narrator who either directly addresses the reader or another character in a work (called adversaries).• Horation: A formal satire that pokes fun at human foibles with a witty, even indulgent tone. Named for Roman satirist Horace, who souught "to laugh people out of their vices and follies".•Juvenalian: A formal satire characterized by harshness and pointed realism that denounces human vice and error in solemn tones. Named for Roman satirist Juvenal, noted for his dignified attacks on vice which seek…

Cambio: For A Free Cuba

I wear my Cambio bracelet every single day. Translated to English, it means 'change'. It's my small way of showing support and solidarity with those in Cuba who struggle for freedom and are beaten, imprisoned and killed for wanting freedom for their country. It also gives me a chance to spread the word on Cuba's struggle for freedom. Someone will notice it and ask what it means, and I will tell them. Most people have no idea what is happening in Cuba. If you have a Cambio bracelet, please wear it. If you don't, you can always make a bracelet with beads or a necklace or even make a shirt. You can buy a plain shirt and some fabric paint and write "Free Cuba" on it and then wear it. When people pass by you, they will see it and hopefully they will ask or go home and research it. Any little bit helps. The biggest thing we can do for the dissidents and freedom fighters in Cuba is to show our solidarity with them and educate people who are unaware of their stru…

Baidin Fheilimi

One of my favorite traditional Irish songs sung by Sinead O'Connor. I looked up the English translation and will post it below.Watch "Sinéad O'Connor - Báidín Fheilimí" on YouTube
Phelim's BoatPhelim's boat went to Gola
Phelim's boat with Phelim on board
Phelim's boat went to Gola
Phelim's boat with Phelim on boardShe is tiny, she is lively
She is beautiful, she is Phelim's
She is straight, she is trustworthy
Phelim's boat with Phelim on boardPhelim's boat went to Tory
Phelim's boat with Phelim on board
Phelim's boat went to Tory
Phelim's boat with Phelim on boardPhelim's boat was wrecked off Tory
Laden with fish and Phelim on board
Phelim's boat was wrecked off Tory
Phelim's boat with Phelim on board

Oh, My Beautiful Child

Oh, my beautiful child
Who feels so lonely and alone
Why do you cry?
Why does your heart ache?Oh, my beautiful child
Let me dry your eyes
Be your shelter in the storm
Take my hand to holdOh, my beautiful child
So much pain in your heart
Sorrow in your eyes
Longing for love and peaceOh, my beautiful child
Reach out to me
Feel my love for you
I will ease your sufferingOh, my beautiful child
My Father sent me here
He sent me to save you
To envelope you in His loveOh, my beautiful child
Do not walk away
Have no fear
My love is unconditionalOh, my beautiful child
Rest in my arms
Feel my love
My peace and love in your heartOh, my beautiful child
It will get better, you will see
My Father makes no mistakes
He created you with His loveOh, my beautiful child
He loves you
I love you
My beautiful child

Gosnell and the Media

It occurred to me that while I post about the Gosnell trial on Facebook, I haven't blogged about it. There are truely no words to describe the horror that happened in his abortion clinic. And the silence from the media, is sickening. Fox news is the only media outlet that has the balls to cover it. The following link is from Babalu Blog that has a video with the post. Please go there and see it. Hopefully if someone who is pro-cchoice see's it, it will change their mind about abortion. Every child deserves life. “See No Evil” | Babalú Blog

Eritrea: The North Korea of Africa

There are dozens of countries worldwide that abuse the human rights of their people. The most well known being North Korea, Cuba, China, Burma, Iran, Syria. But there is one country that most people people have never heard of. Eritrea. Human rights activists call it the North Korea of Africa. It is one of the most oppressive governments in the world and almost no one outside of human rights activism even knows that country exists. The U.N. has an expert gathering testimonies from Eritrean people that have fled their country. Hopefully, their testimony about what is happening in their country will generate attention and put pressure on the government of Eritrea to recognize the human rights of their people.UN Human Rights Expert to Gather First-Hand Testimonies From Eritrean Refugees -

Cuba: Harboring and Supporting Terrorists

Joanne Chesimard, an american fugitive wanted for killing a state trooper decades ago is now the first female to appear on the FBI's most wanted terrorist list. The worst part about this, is that she is in Cuba. She escaped there and the Cuban regime has given her a safe haven. She also has a website where she advocates terrorism. This is horrible. Throughout the years, Cuba has given fugitives and terrorists a safe haven. American terrorists, Irish terrorists, and so many others around the world wanted for murder are living in Cuba. Not only do they still pose a danger to the world, but they pose a danger to the Cuban people. These are violent fugitives who have killed people. And the Cuban government treats them with more respect and dignity than they do their own citizens. Cuba is a sponser of terrorism. They need to remain on that list.Notes from the Cuban Exile Quarter: Cop killer fugitive in Cuba named Most Wanted Terrorist by the FBI