Cambio: For A Free Cuba

I wear my Cambio bracelet every single day. Translated to English, it means 'change'. It's my small way of showing support and solidarity with those in Cuba who struggle for freedom and are beaten, imprisoned and killed for wanting freedom for their country.

It also gives me a chance to spread the word on Cuba's struggle for freedom. Someone will notice it and ask what it means, and I will tell them. Most people have no idea what is happening in Cuba.

If you have a Cambio bracelet, please wear it. If you don't, you can always make a bracelet with beads or a necklace or even make a shirt. You can buy a plain shirt and some fabric paint and write "Free Cuba" on it and then wear it. When people pass by you, they will see it and hopefully they will ask or go home and research it. Any little bit helps. The biggest thing we can do for the dissidents and freedom fighters in Cuba is to show our solidarity with them and educate people who are unaware of their struggle for freedom.


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