Cuba: Harboring and Supporting Terrorists

Joanne Chesimard, an american fugitive wanted for killing a state trooper decades ago is now the first female to appear on the FBI's most wanted terrorist list. The worst part about this, is that she is in Cuba. She escaped there and the Cuban regime has given her a safe haven. She also has a website where she advocates terrorism. This is horrible.

Throughout the years, Cuba has given fugitives and terrorists a safe haven. American terrorists, Irish terrorists, and so many others around the world wanted for murder are living in Cuba. Not only do they still pose a danger to the world, but they pose a danger to the Cuban people. These are violent fugitives who have killed people. And the Cuban government treats them with more respect and dignity than they do their own citizens. Cuba is a sponser of terrorism. They need to remain on that list.

Notes from the Cuban Exile Quarter: Cop killer fugitive in Cuba named Most Wanted Terrorist by the FBI


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