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My Gift to the Royal Family

Since the entire world seems to be sooooo obsessed with the royals having a baby, I thought I would give them a gift. My gift to them is a picture of the Irish flag. Those of you who know me know that I am not fond of the royals (that's a huge understatement) nor am I fond of the British monarchy. They raped, starved, exiled, jailed, and murdered my people (the Irish and Scots) for centuries. There has never been an official public apology from them for what they did. And to this day, they still occupy Northern Ireland and Scotland. They tried to kill the Irish language, kill Irish culture and yet so many people love the British monarchy. They are idiots. The British monarchy needs to understand one thing. Freedom always wins. One day, Ireland will be whole again. And Scotland will be an independent country. They cannot force their control forever. The Irish will never back down. And we will win in the end.

The Powerful Epidemic of Addiction

This week, the news reported that 'Glee' star Cory Montieth died of a herion and alcohol overdose. It is a tragic story. What makes it even more tragic is that he had sought help not too long ago.Addiction is an epidemic. Especially among my generation, it is beyond an epidemic. Some addicts hide it so well that no one knows until they either seek help or are dead. And heroin, is the worst of the worst. The relapse rate for a heoin addict is extremely high. Add alcohol addiction to it, and its worse. Alcohol combined with other drugs is deadly. I don't think a lot of people understand what addiction is. You can't 'just quit'. It doesn't work like that. Especially with hardcore drugs. There needs to be a dialogue about addiction. A dialogue that doesn't sugercoat anything. Telling kids 'say no to drugs' doesn't work. It never did. We as a society, are letting this epidemic happen. The harsh reality is that no matter how much you try to reach …

Heat Wave

Baltimore is having a heat wave. The one good thing about it is that I don't eat a lot when its very hot out. I have been drinking fluids and trying to stay cool. Emergency cooling centers are open (not a single one in my area), pools have extended hours and a lot of people are staying indoors. We are supossed to have some relief on Sunday.


Yesterday, I took a trip out to a water fountain on Charles St. It was very peaceful there with very few people around. It was nice to hear only the water flowing. I think more people should spend time near things like this. It does very good to bring peace to one's mind.

Violence Against Women in Cuba

The link below is a must read about the violence from Cuban government thugs against women in Cuba. It is shameful that so many organizations such as CEDAW ignore the violence and threats against women in Cuba. Please read the link below and share it with people. Educate people on what is happening in Cuba.

Notes from the Cuban Exile Quarter: End the Silence: Stand with Women in Cuba for Thei...: The Committee on the Elimination of Discrimination against Women ( CEDAW ) examined Cuba today during its 55th session at the Palais des...

Happy Independence Day!!!!

I want to wish everyone a Happy Independence Day. I am debating staying home or going downtown to the Inner Harbor for the fireworks. I hope everyone stays safe and please look out for each other's safety tonight. And also, please keep everyone around the world who are living in oppression in your thoughts and prayers. Today, we celebrate our freedom and hopefully one day, people in other countries like Cuba, North Korea, Venezuela, Tibet and Eritrea will also celebrate their own freedom. One day, they will all be free.  Take care and God bless.

A Call to Action

The month of July in Cuban history is a very sad month. So many dissidents have died in this month at the hands of the Castro regime. The most recent Cubans murdered in this month was Oswaldo Paya and Herold Cepero who were murdered last July. To honor them and so many others I will be fasting from the 13th to the 22nd and also spreading the word to people who do not know Cuba's history. Please consider doing something as well to help honor all of the innocent Cubans who have been murdered by the Castro regime.

Notes from the Cuban Exile Quarter: Shadows over the month of July: A Call to Action:

Same Blog. New Name.

I took a little break for a couple weeks from Blogging. I had and still have way too much going on but I am taking advantage of my insomnia tonight. Things are slowly getting better and moving forward in my life. I have job opportunities that I am taking advantage of and I am also starting a program next week at Goodwill to help better my skills to improve employment. I am blessed to have people in my life who are helping me and supporting me.

With all that said, I have also decided to change the name of my little blog here. Obviously, if you know who I am then you will realize why I chose the new name "Cuban Gringa Blog". I am not Cuban, but Cuba has a special place in my heart and soul. I think about it everyday. I think about all of the dissidents there and the hell that they are going through. I try my best to keep up with the latest news about all of it and try my best to spread the word. Although I don't post solely about Cuba, I thought the new name of my blog wo…