My Gift to the Royal Family

Since the entire world seems to be sooooo obsessed with the royals having a baby, I thought I would give them a gift. My gift to them is a picture of the Irish flag. Those of you who know me know that I am not fond of the royals (that's a huge understatement) nor am I fond of the British monarchy. They raped, starved, exiled, jailed, and murdered my people (the Irish and Scots) for centuries. There has never been an official public apology from them for what they did. And to this day, they still occupy Northern Ireland and Scotland. They tried to kill the Irish language, kill Irish culture and yet so many people love the British monarchy. They are idiots. The British monarchy needs to understand one thing. Freedom always wins. One day, Ireland will be whole again. And Scotland will be an independent country. They cannot force their control forever. The Irish will never back down. And we will win in the end.


  1. A most appropriate gift Colena, the least you could do, well done.


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