The Powerful Epidemic of Addiction

This week, the news reported that 'Glee' star Cory Montieth died of a herion and alcohol overdose. It is a tragic story. What makes it even more tragic is that he had sought help not too long ago.

Addiction is an epidemic. Especially among my generation, it is beyond an epidemic. Some addicts hide it so well that no one knows until they either seek help or are dead. And heroin, is the worst of the worst. The relapse rate for a heoin addict is extremely high. Add alcohol addiction to it, and its worse. Alcohol combined with other drugs is deadly. I don't think a lot of people understand what addiction is. You can't 'just quit'. It doesn't work like that. Especially with hardcore drugs. There needs to be a dialogue about addiction. A dialogue that doesn't sugercoat anything. Telling kids 'say no to drugs' doesn't work. It never did. We as a society, are letting this epidemic happen.

The harsh reality is that no matter how much you try to reach out to an addict, in the end, it is their choice if they want help. Most have to hit rock bottom before they go to rehab or AA. There are many organizations that help addicts during and after treatment. Catholic Charities, Goodwill, and To Write Love On Her Arms are all excellent places to find help with addiction.

Cory Montieth's death reminds us all that you can have everything in life and addiction can take it all away in an instant. And sadly, from reports that I have read, it seems that the one thing he didn't do, is keep away from his friends that were also addicts. If you get out of rehab and still keep friends that are actively using, then your chances of relapse increase because you're putting yourself in an environment to use again. He should have surrounded himself with people who were clean that could help him. There are no words to describe how powerful addiction is. His death should remind us all that addiction does not discriminate. It hits anyone at any time.

If you know someone who is an addict or if you are an addict, please know that it doesn't have to control you. There is a way out. It does get better. Please get help. Your life is worth so much and you have so many people who want you here.

Please pray for Cory Montieth's family and friends. Please pray for the repose of his soul and that all of his pain is now gone.


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