Dad's Birthday

September 12th would be my father's birthday. He would be 96 years old. Yes, 96. He was 36 years older than my mother. He served in the Navy in WWII. he died when I was 4. I remember that day like it was yesterday. I really wish I could have known him. All I have are stories from family about him. I guess its better than nothing. I know I get a lot of my personality from him. My love of languages, cultures, etc. He was a part of the greatest generation. A generation of heroes who fought against communism and tyranny. This coming month, I will be getting a tattoo in his memory. It will have a sea anchor on it to honor his service in the Navy. Nothing will ever dull the pain of not having a father while growing up, but I do have comfort knowing he is watching me from Heaven and hopefully is proud of who I am.


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