A Slap in the Face to Cubans

This week, swimmer Diana Nyad became the first woman to swim without a shark cage from Cuba to Florida. It's all over the news. I see a lot of people writing about how great of an achievement it is.... they are dead wrong. I can give thousands of reasons why her "achievement" is horrible. What are those thousands??? The Cubans who have died in those waters while trying to swim to freedom. They weren't trying to make records or get recognition from the media. They were trying to get to freedom. They were escaping a hellhole created by the Castro's. Thousands of balseros over the years, including children, have died trying to make it to America. Diana Nyad never mentioned them. Why? Because she doesn't give a shit. The media doesn't give a shit either. It's pathetic. It is a slap in the face to all of those who have died.

Cubans are caught everyday by the Coast Guard and returned to Cuba and face prison time and torture for trying to leave. They cannot leave the country at all without government permission. Cubans are enslaved in an island prison and they risk death over the Florida Straights to get to freedom. Diana Nyad mocked them. She mocked those who have died and those who are out there in rafts right now trying to escape the communist island.

My advice for Nyad is this: Live in Cuba for a year like a regular Cuban. I guarantee she will be begging to come back to the U.S. And as for her swimming without a shark cage, it's a damn shame the sharks didn't notice her.

Please pray for all those who have died in those waters trying to reach freedom. They deserve respect. Cubans deserve respect. And one day, hopefully will be free and wont have to risk their lives for freedom anymore.


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