The season of change
A new begining
Leaves turn magnificent colors
Crisp breezes fill the air
Night comes faster
Fireplaces burn bright
Nature displays her wonderful beauty
The never ending change
A season of hope, pain, and love
A season of start anew
The season of second chances
Welcome, Fall.

I wrote this today. Fall has always been a very hard season for me. Fall and Winter. These are the times when S.A.D. kicks in and beats my ass. It is also the time of year where God seems to test me the most. Where all I want to do is run away from everything, even myself.

I will try my best to make this Fall better than the others. To focus on the beauty of nature's changes. I'm going to try to visit the State Park. The only place where I have complete peace of mind while surround by the beauty of God's creations. Fall is beautiful there.
I wish everyone a blessed new season of peace, love, happiness and health. God bless everyone.


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