Celebrities Performing for Dictators

With the news of Kanye West performing for the dictatorship in Kazakhstan, it puts human rights abuses out in the open again. Honestly, I didn't expect anything less from Kanye. I'm not surprised that he would perform for a dictatorship. He is all for the money. He doesn't care how many people the dictatorship has killed and are killing now, all he cares is that he gets money. Same goes for JLo, Hilary Swank and all of the other stupid celebrities that cater to dictatorships.

Celebrities who perform for dictators are a special kind of stupid. They are the kind that lack common sense and empathy. They lack basic brain functions that us regular people have. All they see is money, money, money. And publicity. Dictators could slaughter hundreds of people while they are performing, and they wouldn't care. Why? Because they are getting paid. Cowards like JLo and Kanye West don't give a damn about people being oppressed.

For decades, Hollywood celebrities have had a love affair with dictatorships. Especially Cuba. Now, that love affair has spread to other countries. Dennis Rodman and the dictator of North Korea is a perfect example. Two nutjobs.

Whether or not they like it, or even realize, all of their performances and visits contribute to oppression. They contribute to torturing, raping, jailing, beating citizens of those countries.

Mabey one day these stupid celebrities will wake up....in a jail cell in one of the countries run by the dictators they have performed for...mabey then they will learn just how bad it really is. Mabey then, they will have a respect for human rights when theirs are taken away.

There is no excuse for the disrespect these celebrities have shown to the people of oppressed countries. They need to know that if they cater to dictators, we human rights activists WILL call them out.


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