8 Years Strong: A Voice For Cuba's Dissidents

This week, my friend Marc Masferrer's blog turns 8 years old. If you don't know him or his blog, go over and check it out at Uncommon Sense.

Marc is a Cuban American journalist and blogger who has been blogging for a free Cuba for 8 years now. He has given a huge voice to the dissidents in Cuba, especially the political prisoners who are all in immediate danger. And he blogs mainly in English. Because he blogs in English, his blog reaches Americans who might not know what is happening in Cuba. His blog has opened up many eyes to the horror that the Cuban people live in. And I'd like to think that his blog scares the Castro's. Because he tells the stories of the political prisoners that the Castro government tries to hide away in horrible, filthy prison cells. Marc gives these prisoners a voice, a voice that the Castro's tried to take away. I hope the day will come that Cuba will be free. That day, there won't have to be anymore heartbreaking posts of political prisoners in jail being tortured. But until then, the fight for Cuba's freedom continues. And Marc and his blog, have a special and important place in this fight.


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