The Importance of Human Rights Activism

Over the past few days, a few instances of irate and stupid people talking crap about human rights have made me want to write a post on why human rights activism is important. So, here goes.

Every single person on this planet should have basic human rights. Sadly, this is far from the case. Countries like Cuba, North Korea, China, Eritrea, etc., violate their citizens human rights every day. They jail or kill anyone who disagrees with their government. They threaten, harrass, and rape women to intimidate them.

In Cuba, right now, there is a rapper named El Critico in prison on a hunger strike. Another dissident, Sonia Garro, is also in prison. Both of their lives are in danger. They are the ones who dare to speak up against tyranny. They speak up for the citizens of Cuba who are too terrified to. The castro regime has gone so far as to murder dissidents. Laura Pollan, Orlando Zapata, Oswaldo Paya and Herold Cepero are just a few of the dissidents that the Castro regime has murdered.

In Tibet, the Chinese government has complete control over Tibetans. They have murdered countless Tibetans including women and children. They exiled the Dalai Lama. Tibetans are so desperate for the world to pay attention to their struggle that they self-immolate themselves (set themselves on fire).

In North Korea, the worst of the worst, the people of that country are made to be robots. They are made to worship their leader as a God. If they disagree with anything, they are sent to prison camps or "re-eduation camps". The conditions in these camps are deplorable. They are like modern day concentration camps. If a prisoner is caught trying to escape, they round up a group of prisoners and execute them in front of others so that they will be terrified to try an escape. Women are repeatedly raped in the camps. Virtually no one in that country can leave at all. They are being held hostage, lterally. And their leader starves them to keeep them weak.

In Eritrea, which a lot of human rights activists call the "North Korea of Africa", it is very similar and the people live in fear daily of being imprisoned and murdered for even questioning their government.

These countries are just a few that violate human rights. We are all brothers and sisters and it is our duty to speak up when we see and hear these things going on. These people in these countries do not have the capacity to speak out like we do. Their governments silence them in many ways. Their internet is extremely limited. Therefore, they need help. They need the help of the outside world to speak up for them. To tell others the truth about what is really going on inside of their countries. If you were in a country where your human rights were being violated, wouldn't you want someone to speak up and help?

Speaking out puts pressure on dictatorships. It makes them be held accountable for the crimes they are commiting against their people. Speaking out, saves lives. That's why human rights activism is important. Because it saves lives and helps people become free.


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