Saturday, May 10, 2014

The Next Generation of Cuban Gringas

My beautiful baby girl Selena Inez will be here next month. Im excited and scared of being a mommy. I will be responsible for teaching her everything. Teaching her values, morals, discipline, love, etc. The list is endless.

But one of the things i will also teach her, is Cuba's struggle for freedom. Even though she has no Cuban heritage like me, she will be raised learning about Cuba.

When i teach her about the Ladies in White, she will learn about courage, love, sacrifice, compassion, dignity. When i teach her about the plight of Cuban exiles she will learn about the history of Cuba and how evil communism is. She will learn how to love and respect different cultures and people.

I hope she will have the love for Cuba like I do. I hope she will be involved in human rights activism. And i hope she will get to visit a free Cuba in her lifetime.

I will do my best inside of me with all the strength i have to raise her right. To stand up and speak out for those who are oppressed. She will be the next generation of Cuban Gringa's. We desperately need more of them.

¡Viva Cuba Libre!

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