Labor and Delivery

I thought i would do a blog post about my experience with labor and delivery. I'll make it easy and go in the order that everything happened. Being a first time mom, and never taking classes in labor or delivery, i was unprepared for how painful it could get. I was also unprepared for any complications.


My contractions started at 1am on June 10th. It didnt hurt that bad at first. I didnt realize they were contractions until they got more powerful. I took some tylenol thinking that i had ate something bad and it was a stomach virus. Tylenol didnt do shit. At first, the contractions were every 15 mins. By 7am, they were every 5 minutes. I didnt sleep at all that night. Around 11am i went to L&D and they hooked me up and verified that they were contractions and that i was 3cm dialated. But apparently i wasnt in active labor because my water hadnt broke yet. They had me walk around the halls for 2 hours to get me dilated more. I was in so much pain that i cheated and went in to the family waiting room for 45 mins and laid down accross the chairs. I was starving and the only thing i could eat were ice chips. When i went back for them to check i was 5cm. They admitted me after that. I spent the next couple hours focusing on breathing during contractions and deciding when to get the epidural. By 6pm, i was yelling in pain. The anesthesiologist came in to give me the epidural. It took awhile but was well worth it. I was almost numb from the waist down. I was able to talk on the phone and sleep a little. Then around 11pm, i started having pains again. The epidural was wearing off and i begged for more. They gave me the minimum that they could because i was 8 cm and they had already broke my water. The second epidural shot kindnof scared me cause i couldnt move anything below my waist.


By 3am, i was fully dilated and was being told to push like i was having a bowel movement. Problem was, is that i couldnt feel anything. I was pushing to the best of my ability. My bp went so high that it terrified me. And the babys heartbeat would go down every time i pushed. They called the anestheseologist in case i needed a c-section. A nurse came in and had me pull on a towel while i pushed. That helped push the baby to where her head was visible. They asked if i wanted to feel her head. I said no cause it would have freaked me out. Lol. 3 more pushes and i felt pressure and she was out. She had alot of fluid still in here so they worked to get it out then she started crying. I cant put into words what i felt when i heard her cry for the first time. I couldnt believe my baby was finally here. They took her away to clean her and then brought her back.

I thought that the delivery went fine until they said i had a major tear and they brought in 2 specialists to decide what course to take. They decided that i had a 3rd degree tear which is very bad. My entire perinium and part of my anal sphincter tore. And they also caught two more tears. The perinium tear took 17 stitches. It took them an hour and a half to finish sewing me up and i held my baby for most of it. I was still numb, thank God. I was told i lost more blood than a normal delivery. That explains why i almost passed out while going to the bathroom a couple hrs later. Im thankful though cause things could have been alot worse. Its a painful recovery and im dealing with a possible infection in my urethra. Hopefully simple medicine can solve it.

Im not going to say labor and delivery are easy, but having the epidural helped alot. I cant imagine the pain i would have felt when i tore. Or the pain when she came out. At one point right before i had to push, i broke down crying. I was terrified. I was scared of something going wrong. My poor mom didnt know what to do. She had never seen me like that before. It scared her. When i got home, she cried about it. I am thankful for the wonderful nurse that reassured me everything would be ok. She was so nice and comforting and she said i was in good hands. That helped alot. I wasnt ready for the emotional and mental toll that labor and delivery had on me. It took 26 hours from my first contraction to birth. It was a long day and night. But i had the most beautiful babu come out of it all. It feels so weird calling myself a mom. Lol. I have so much more i want to write but i just realised this post is about L&D so i will have to do another post about everything else.

Hopefully this post doesnt scare anyone from having a baby. Lol. As long as you get the epidural you will be fine. :-) But i can honestly say i dont think i will have another baby for a very long time. Im almost 28 so i still have my 30's to have another if God decides to bless me again. Writing this post has been very therapeutic. Especially since my anxiety is full force now. Writing is always therapeutic for me and i hope that someone can read this and think the same.


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